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And therefore, as soon as I appeared with him in the toilet, the first thing I heard was that one of the senior pupils in the toilet smoked and said admiringly: “Seryoga – this is a match for your davalochka, does she have a fat woman? I don’t like it – don’t fuck my adult son in a businesslike manner and raised my skirt revealingly, but I’m wearing those pantaloons (almost up to my knees with hair).
Well, antiques – that high school student reacted, and a cigarette fell on the spit-covered floor.
Seryoga, as you wish, but I’ll tear off my pants pants and he took out his sledgehammer.

Seryozhechka, meanwhile, continued to lift not just the skirt of my dress, but also pulled the dress up.
In general, he removed all the dress through his head.
While he was covering my face with a cloth of a dress, hundreds of various plots flashed through my brain: when I caught myself thinking that my son was a member? What kind of girls in his school he fucks? I remembered everything that it’s impossible to talk to a son about: does he have a girlfriend? Webcam naked at work.

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