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Stas, who had been silently looking at the screen and masturbating, bent down to her and stroked her cheek.
The bitterness of feces caused Anya a lot of saliva and it became easier to chew on.
Finally, after painfully long and equally unbearably sweet minutes, Anya swallowed the last portion of men’s shit and, barely touching the clitoris, huddled in her orgasm.

Stas groaned loudly, having finished simultaneously with her, he shot her in the face with thick sperm when she just swam into the foaming ocean of Paradise.
He sat down next to her, hugged Anya, who was still moaning and quivering, and became passionately and eagerly kissing her dirty, smelling mouth, still thickly smeared with his shit.
His gaze was completely muddy.
– I love you, love, you are the only one in the world.
he whispered forgetting everything.
– Marry me.
Anya has not completely departed from her experience and just smiled wearily: -Buy fool.
I’m just a whore serving customers with special tastes.
I served you for your money.
Do not bother your head.
– I can not – now I have to tell you everything.
I fell in love with you even when I saw it in the club’s catalog, I noticed it by chance – I didn’t have a card yet.
Did not begin to speak earlier that you did not think as if I hunt for a freebie.
-Is not it so? – Anya tried to free herself from his embrace, but she could not – her strength left her.
-Sex is when two are enjoying, you said it yourself.
– Nasri in my mouth, Anya if you want – I’ll just drown in happiness.
– It’s not about symmetry – Anya said it after a long pause.
Reason returned to her.
You, like all men at such moments think eggs, but I need reliability and some kind of peace.
What I do in the club is my hobby and I can quit it.
“What you end up from eating the shit of men speaks about your sensuality,” said Stas.
– You are not tired and it worries me, but only this.

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You’re not married, are you? -Not your business – Anya evil freed from his embrace and went to the window.
– We finished and you should go.
– I don’t like you at all? – asked Stas very quietly.
Anya heard him, but did not answer.
Now and check who is Violet.
I, without knocking, flew into the room.
In surprise, Violetta jumped.
“Those who usually watch erotica behave this way,” I said, hinting at her fear.
The monitor is at the LSD computer, and therefore I could not see that she hastily closed it.
– Now, I watched the news – I said, starting the test.
– So what? She asked, since I had made a significant pause.
– They showed a guy who came out of the restaurant with his girlfriend.
Three guys, something bad said in the direction of his companion.
And he began to deal with them, and they beat him.
I paused again.
Now, there will be a moment of truth: – Well, it

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serves him cruelly, she said – She cannot stand up for herself.
Yeah, so we have a woman daughter.
A female mother, would regret the guy and say what a hero he is.
And in order to make sure I finally said: – But, he was alone, and there are three of them.
– So what? – she said – He took responsibility for the girl.
So, I must stand up for her and for myself.
Though against the crowd.
Wow, she’s also cruel.
These girls love men older than themselves.
They love being gentle with them, but cruel at the same time.
I was polite as a butler.
Well, she didn’t really talk to me.
Need to change tactics.
“Okay,” I said, putting on the mask of indifference. “All get up, sit down here, Queen of the point.”
– What? – her eyes widened, wondered why it was me, so drastically changed.
– Get up, get up – I ordered – I will show you your room.
She frowned face and headed for the door.
I, before, turn off the computer.
Checked the video player.
The last file was a recording of my love with a blonde Nastya.
So I was right about erotica.
It’s good.
It will be easier to break it.
Before her room, we walked in silence.
I opened the door, but did not miss it, but entered myself.
– Here are your apartments – I said, with a stone face.
She entered, looked around the room.
“Beautiful,” she said.
I smiled wickedly and said: – Hmm, still.
She sat on a red sofa and crossed her legs.
She was wearing a knee-length skirt.
Her legs were hers, that is necessary.
Her eyes were flirty.
I do not know, either, because of the video with my participation.
Whether, because I behave differently.
– Oh, hot water is there constantly? She asked and stretched, yawning.
At the same time her breasts, tightly closed, with the fabric of her shirt.
Wow you are a snake, sort of, I even know what the next phrase will be.
“So I want to take a shower,” she said. Webcam sex frr.

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