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He spread his legs so that she could see his small penis.
“Lynn, meet Herbert.”
Herbert, meet Lynn.

Penis Alpha twitched up and down.
– Did you give your member your own name? – All on Melmak give a member some name.
In the end, this is a personal matter of each of us! But move a little closer.
Lynn moved one inch, and Herbert’s scent filled her olfactory sensations.
At that very moment everything in her turned upside down, Herbert became the only thing she desired in the world most of all.
She reached out and touched Herbert.
It increased by one inch.
She stroked him, and he grew another inch.
She licked his tongue, and a couple more inches was added to his size.
Lynn willingly swallowed the entire length of Herbert with her mouth and began to suck it hard.
All the delicious flavor bouquet from the cup with chips was concentrated in it!

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She behaved like a predator.
She could not get enough.
She pushed Alpha back on the bed and began to fuck him with her face, mouth slid over Herbert.
She licked it to the base of the trunk with teasing movements of the tongue.
Herbert grew even more and became more fat.
Then, when Lynn’s lips parted as widely as possible, Herbert became more flexible, but increased in length so much that whenever Lynn tried to fit him completely, Herbert’s head pressed against her throat.
– Oh my God! I.
I can’t believe I’m doing this! exclaimed Lynn, sobbing in her voice, when for a brief moment her mouth was free.
But her tongue continued to circle rapidly around the head of a vertically standing member of Alpha, and she was chomping on her mouth, absorbing the juice that had oozed from Herbert’s eye, which preceded his orgasm.
– But how tasty it is!

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Oh, damn it! – and she again and again sucked dick Alpha.
At the same time, she again launched her fingers deep inside her girlfriend’s pussy.
“Oh yes, Lynn, sweetie!” Well well! Yes, suck my old man Gerbi! He has never enjoyed it so well since I landed on this wretched planet! Lynn slightly moved her head, and now only Herbert’s head remained in her mouth.
Her tongue circled around her, greedily absorbing the oozing liquid, and her hand slid along a long shaft with a mad frequency.
– Come on, Alf! I want it.
I need this.
Shoot your hot milk in my throat!
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