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Slava could not control himself.
He saw all the men turning on me as they passed by.
And there was something to see: there is a beautiful, slim girl in high heels and in a short skirt, and her large breasts are almost open for public viewing under a thin, barely covering matter.

Someone even added to the rumor: “what a whore! That was her lucky boyfriend. ”
Ha! They did not even imagine that I did not give my boy.

Serezha very much approved my transformation.
After seeing and touching me, he added: “Now you have great tits! Good bitch, my friends will like it. ”
I was so pleased that my man take care of me.
Sergey’s friends really liked my new breasts, and the fact that I stopped wearing panties, and in general began to look and behave very frankly and defiantly.
Once, when we were returning home with Slavik, when they saw me, they decided to fuck me right on the street.
Slava asked them to go home, but they simply pushed him aside, giving a strong slap.
“Such a poor pizdoliz even zapadlo beat.
Only slaps like a woman.

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I was so excited that I instantly got cancer and began to unbutton my pants to one of the men.
When I leaned over, my skirt crept up, exposing her pussy and anus.
Someone slapped me on the ass and threw my fingers into my already wet hole.
– What the fuck used to probably serve men on the street? Sergey’s friends, just put me on the bench with my hands, and one of them, with a sweep, thrust his dick.
“You look great! Nice outfit at the whores.
Now we will fuck with you wherever we want, ”he added, methodically fucking me.
I diligently sucked at this moment from another fuck and saw tears in Slavik’s eyes.
He was kneeling on the pavement while I was taking in members one by one.
I was so pleased that he suffers! Passersby could observe WHAT was going on on the bench behind the bush and turned away, muttering: “well, damn!
Bonga cams elisbraun.

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