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Such sex in life is not often.
And someone may not happen at all.
Vagina took every man’s entrance and responded with her own sharp squeezing, from which the first one flew up to the clouds, or thought about a lustful ending.

The movements became ravishing and sharp, the end was near.
After the time of orgasm, He suggested: Let’s get acquainted.
Before him sat a real angel.
In the image of a beautiful dark-haired girl, in the charm of which was combined a sweet, tender almost childish face with plump cheeks and a perfect body.
Big lips, neat nose, dark skin, not a gram of cellulite.
Her body seemed to be made for glossy magazines.
The beauty was like an American film actress – Jessica Alba.
But it

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was not her.
Very similar to the film star, the cutie looked a little younger, more refined, and maybe even a little prettier than Jessica.
But it was already a matter of taste.
With a tropical soft wave, the sea breeze enveloped lush dark brown hair, the eyes of large hair-like eyes, as if looking into the transparent distance of the ocean.
And she seemed not to notice the man sitting at the same table with her and looking at the girl with undisguised admiration.
Dr. Shevchenko was really pleased.
He created another perfection.
The new doll was very similar to its prototype – Jessica Albu, as another customer wanted – Nikolay Nikolayevich Zheleznov.
But, observing his rules, Sergey Anatolyevich made some differences, and not only external ones.
Model name was Agatha Alonso.
According to the legend and information embedded in her “false memory”, Agata was a kind of Spanish communists, whose ancestor married a Russian girl in the thirties and took her home.

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Then her parents moved to the United States of America.
The legend was perfect and the main thing was that the doll itself was one hundred percent sure of it.
She knew English, Spanish, and Russian — which was understandable.
And she had to come to Russia from the States.
And now Agatha passed the last test.
In its artificial filling was a lot of new, which was not the case with other, earlier models of Shevchenko.
First of all, the intellectual level, the ability to analyze and make decisions independently, and the protection of software were more complicated.
So that the girl could not send on the wrong path rogues like a former companion and assistant Neumann.
Sergey Anatolyevich was going to give all the necessary instructions for activating, deactivating the model, its content to Telegin in a special encrypted email.
Code, which was known only to Alex.
And was relevant only for a short time.
Changes in the code Shevchenko sent Alex in unsubstantiated letters telling about vacations abroad.
Everything was presented as a correspondence of uncle and nephew.
And she could not cause suspicions.
At the moment, Agatha was in practically working condition and portrayed a bored girl on the coast.
There was a luxurious estate of Shevchenko, surrounded by an unapproachable and taciturn guard, where today were the base and laboratories of the “puppet” magician.
Shevchenko rose from the chair and touched Agatha’s hair.
To the touch they were light and real.
The girl jerked sharply.
Her Persian eyes flashed with displeasure, the wings of her nose began to tremble, and her full lips spoke: “What do you allow yourself?” Agatha spoke in English, adding equally angry: “If I am your guest, this does not mean that you can molest me The doctor removed his hand and smiled condescendingly.
The doll remarkably played its part – an impregnable and wayward beauty who knows her worth.
And considerable.
Sergey Anatolyevich smiled again – just a day ago this “icon” of perfection lay on his lab table, completely naked and defenseless.
And now the doctor could switch the model to the required mode, and the girl fulfilled his every wish, including sexual, even if she remained a virgin, as required by the terms of the contract. Bongacams businka.

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