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Then my mother gently pushed aside.
Swallowing saliva and cum, she tried to catch her breath.
I was lying next to the bed and was also breathing heavily.

– Now we take rest and continue.
Do not mind? – suggested mother.
– Of course not.
Turning the key in the lock, “brought me back to the ground.”
“Andrew, son, please help me,” my mother asked me in a familiar voice.
I went to the hallway.
I was a little surprised.
Mom was in a skirt above the knee with a long neckline to the thigh.
When mom leaned over the bags, the neckline opened and exposed her thigh and stocking gum in a cope pocket.
On top of it was a loose pink top with a deep neckline.
When you tilt it is not a small chest droop almost falling out of the topic.
– Well, what did you get up? Help me
– said mom, and taking several packages carried them into Eugene’s room.
I took the remaining packages and went for it.
Mom began to pull things out of packages.
Clearly masculine.
– Mom, why do you need a men’s suit? – I asked with surprise.
– This is not me, This is for you.
– What for? – What do you mean why? You are an adult man and should look solid.
Mom sat on the bed.
– Andrei, we need to seriously talk.
– said mom, looking into my eyes.
– About what? – I tried to wonder.
– You know what.
What happened in the shower.
This is normal.

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Well, as normal.
This is natural when you have no other choice.
I mean, when you do not have a full sex life.
Damn, how difficult.
Okay, I will speak straight and ordinary words, even if they seem obscene to you.
How often do you sleep with Zhenya together? Or rather not.
How often do you have intercourse? – Mom.
Don’t you think this is my business? – I tried to close the conversation.
– No, Andrew.
If my son masturbates under the shower, then he is missing his wife.
I know what sexual dissatisfaction is.
Itself 5 years at night she brought herself to orgasm.
– What is enough? “Stop lying to me.”
Tell me about it.
When you last time fucked your wife, – mom blurted out in hearts.
– Mom.
– Do not mum.
Answer me.
– A week ago.
– I answered quietly.
– A week? Why so long ago? – Well, she gets tired, Julia is engaged, works, housekeeping leads.
– So what? I did the same thing when I grew you.
Your father didn’t run from me.
And he left me only because vodka is more precious to him than his family.
Okay, how often she refuses you.
– Happenes.
– How often? – insisted mom.

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– When I first started dating, I often refused, and then I didn’t bother anymore.
“Did she ever ask you to fuck her?” – Not.
So maybe she has someone? – I do not know.
– Okay, let’s leave it.
What are your poses for sex? – Mom, well, is it to do with it? – With that.
Answer me.
– She’s on her back, I’m on her.
“Has she ever been on top?” – Not.
She does not like.
She says so.
– How does she like it? – She didn’t say.
Just lying on his back, spreading his legs and saying, “Come on.”
“Has she ever given you a blowjob?” – Not.
– I answered honestly, realizing that there was nothing to hide.
– Did you lick her? – Not.
Tried, but she did not give me.
– Did you have anal sex? – Not.
I once asked her about it, but she gave me a slap in the face and called me a pervert. Bongacams girls vk.

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