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Since the application for lowering under the guise of a little girl or a worried mom, I leave on the wall or in the topic of the group, then, naturally, during the day, I receive a lot of negative messages from different people.
Of course, most of the threats and promises of violence come from males and in a strong minority are beautiful female faces, which gives, of course, not much freedom in choosing the one to whose feet I will fall in pleading not to cut off my most precious, but there is and the other side, which says that in one visit you can get several pretty girls.
And so, everything was ready to start the Russian Railways with the Hunters, when I once again checked all the pages for plausibility as I would have been on the other side.

On behalf of my 32-year-old mother, I wrote on the wall of the group: “I checked the correspondence of my 12-year-old daughter and saw that a pedophile was soliciting her.
and offers to do virtual sex.
The first dialogue in the Agent was with the one who apparently already knew about my existence: “Oops! Familiar mail !! Is it all you, pidar, are you having fun?” “Oh-oh-oh-oh! Zdarova-zdarova!)))” The second was written by one woman, judging by the photos, a mother of two children, who I really liked and liked her so much that I didn’t want to play with her.
Yes, I am a normal guy, just a lover of thrills))) I created the page of the woman and I wrote on the group’s wall “I checked the correspondence of my 12-year-old daughter and saw that she was being harassed by a pedophile.
and offers to do virtual sex.
There is no daughter and no mother.
This is all I did.
You must be a spoiled boy.
So I had to sharpen my device on a pretty young woman.
Forget it.

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You’ll clean the toilets, wash floors, wash grandfathers socks.
Only if I ask him, do not expect mercy.
I can do this to you, that you will run into the army for fear.
So tell me his mail and I will think how softly to talk to my father so that he does not punish you much, but simply sent to the army.
And finally, I wrote a very pretty 21-year-old girl, with a pretty face, round ass, slim figure and beautiful legs.
I really liked her photos, where she sunbathes in a swimsuit somewhere in the south, because for tanning, she tucked her panties inside and her delicious roundish ass became even more naked, which means even more desirable.
In general, I wrote a girl who has something to work hand-to-hand.
About you always wiped all the legs, the misunderstanding that goes in their cheap pants, you see every day and you want to cry because he is so small and so insignificant.
You can’t do it with girls, and you’re so ugly and silly that the only thing you can do is to corrupt little girls.
It’s a long time to explain the psychology of this move, but it always rolls and creates in the victim a wild desire to further destroy and lower a tiny pedophile.
I speak to you as a woman, as a desired female, which a great number of men want, you are a chmoshnik, a nothing and a loser! No one will ever give you.
Any Mrs. just nervously smokes on the sidelines.
And you write a confession on the wall in the group.
How cool that she prints all this, otherwise you will not tell.
It was the group that this girl created.
He said that they have the same wild competition as in any market, only this market is completely new.
Yes, a pedophile’s embossed confession on the wall of the group is a breakthrough.
The main thing now is to plant me and make it known and then it will be just a bomb that will give wild popularity with a blast wave.
What kind of girls went? We are ready to cut as many eggs as necessary and to send them to the zone for the sake of popularity.
Is matriarchy on the way? This is good, since I am ready to bow down before the female sex and be their eternal slave.
I created a new topic and wrote on the wall of her young group “I, Parchimchik Oleg Abramovich, confess that I corrupted 12-year-old Sasha, who offered virtual sex, by correspondence.
I am ready to bear the deserved punishment.
Address: st.

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Dobrolyubova 25A Cor.
Ap 27
If I see the point, I myself will go with you to the doctors and I will give you a chance, if not, then forgive me.
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