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The fate of her daughters no longer feared her, on the contrary, she began to envy their future happiness and at the same time rejoice, realizing what pleasure awaits them.
No man, whether king, prince or duke, could give them a drop of similar enjoyment that they learn in the hands of King Dacon, the dark prince, king and monster, of the neighboring kingdom.
The body of the woman was trembling, being broken.

She seemed to be thrown from heaven to hell, allowing her to experience the purest ecstasy from the birth of a calf, and at the same time depriving her of the happiness of motherhood.
The uterus throbbed in mute pain, as if demanding the return of the fetus to its environment.
But this will not happen.
Her beautiful son is likely to be buried somewhere in the forest, and even worse, they will feed them to the dogs.
From this picture, tears flowed from the corners of the woman’s eyes, falling on the pillow.
The door slammed, and the queen was left alone.
Her physical condition improved with every second, in a rapid progression, but her soul screamed in pain and despair.
It remained only to hope that her sacrifice was not in vain, and soon King Deikon would enter the castle on the legitimate rights of the conqueror.
So it will be, and then she will fall to his feet, praying to fill her womb with her life-giving seed.
His proud monster warriors sat at the tables, waiting for the appearance of their ruler from minute to minute.
Each was in anticipation of a joyful message.
Their blood boiled in the veins from the disturbing power that emanated from the leader.
Tonight should be a landmark for their developing country.

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The slaves, the former noble ladies, hovered between the tables, then feeding the soldiers with food, then satisfying their inexhaustible lust.
Each monster dreamed of breeding, increasing his race and his strength, but not one could impregnate a human female without the permission of his ruler.
And today everyone expected that in honor of this happy event, the king would thank the most worthy of the permission to reproduce.
For a strong king needs devotees and strong warriors behind his back.
The door to the throne room swung open, and King Deikon in his true form of a demon passed to the throne.
His royal muscular body was covered only by the royal mantle and then from the back.
The king was naked in front, and that meant the monster was preparing to celebrate.
He was followed by the happy queen mother, carrying in their arms their joint son, whom she bore a week ago.
Having settled down on the right hand of the king, her son, and now her husband, she never stopped smiling at the cub.
That smacking smackingly, diligently sucked the mother’s milk.
The Queen was no longer embarrassed by the fact that she sparkled with her naked body, nor the one that she gave birth to a child from her own son.
After experiencing ecstasy in childbirth in her head, something switched, and the world became so correct and clear that the woman could not even imagine what could be different.
Now the queen lived to satisfy her male, to bear his offspring and raise their common children.
“My supporters,” he began pathetically, “today my queen made me the happiest king in the world.”
My sister, proudly bearing the title of queen and my main female, was relieved by the burden

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Just now, this world has been replenished with six beautiful cubs, which have become the pledges of my strength and well-being! Loud joyful roar filled the room.
Each of the warriors raised his head up and howled, feeling a powerful force emanating from their leader.
– All night we will celebrate this event, but it is not the only reason for fun.
Today I officially present my firstborn to you! Rogan, son of Deikon and the queen mother.
The king tore the child from the breast of a woman and raised it up.
The kid growled indignantly, which caused loud approval from the assembled soldiers.
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