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I am amazed how your seven-year-old boy endures all this, ”said Valya,“ Does it really lie quietly and not be capricious? At first he was capricious and indignant, – Katya smiled, – So Tanya began to smear him as a punishment after washing up with baby oil, like breast oil.
And once she invited her school friends to us to see the whole procedure from beginning to end.
And she threatened Vanya that if he was naughty, she would invite the girls every day.
After that, it is like a silk for us – it allows you to do all the procedures without question.

Vika pulled a new diaper out of her bag, but for some reason she was not in a hurry to put it on her baby.
You know what, Nick? – She turned to her six-month-old son, – Let’s go now in the bushes.
It is necessary to pee to keep your new diaper longer dry.
I, too, does not interfere with bringing my own into the bushes, – smiled Ksyusha, getting up from the bench.
Seeing the girl heading towards me, I blushed deeply, imagining what was coming for me.
Let’s go to the bushes, – said Ksyusha and without waiting for my reaction, she pulled me by the hand, forcing me to stand up.
Ksyusha led me to a lonely bush near the sandbox.
There she was squatting on Vika, holding a six-month-old baby in front of her bare bottom.
We are also peeing now, – Ksyusha smiled and began pulling off my tights.
Of course, together it will be more fun for them to write, – Vika laughed.
Get here and write! – ordered Ksyusha, completely taking off my pantyhose.
I almost cried from the insult.
Not only were

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the “bushes” next to the bench on which the young mothers were sitting, so Ksyusha also turned me to face them, as if she specifically wanted everyone to see better how I write.
Where are you turning? – pulled my sleeve Ksyusha when I tried to turn around, – Stop, as I put you and write! Unable to overcome my shyness, I embarrassedly covered myself with my palms between my legs.

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So small, and already shy! – laughed standing next to Vick.
From whom is your toddler hiding behind? – Valin came from the bench laughing, – Is it really from us? For the first time I see a half-year old baby shy.
I don’t know who taught him to hide behind it, ”Ksyusha said irritably and lowered her voice, adding,“ I’ll see once again how you hide yourself, you’ll get a pope! ” Just think, aunts will see how you write.
It was as if none of them had seen the little boys shoot a trickle.
Friendly laughter came from the bench.
Letter-letter-letter, – began to sentence Vika, – Who will let a trickle of pisyunchik now? I noticed how Vika started massaging her baby’s chubby tummy.
Do you see this boy without pants? – She smiled – He is also now peeing.
Only he is big and does everything standing up.
It will be so interesting for you to write together.
Come on, Kolya.
Who is faster to trickle? Are you or Sasha? I continued to watch the six-month baby.
Suddenly Colin’s tiny little pussy jerked strangely and the next second the boy started a thin stream from there.
What a fine fellow! – praised her little son Vick.
And what are you waiting for, Sasha? – Ksyusha asked me irritably, – Take an example from Kolya.
Only six months, and immediately realized what to do in the bushes.
I really wanted for a long time in a small way, but I decided to endure, not imagining how to write in front of unfamiliar adults.
Come on, Sasha! – Ksyusha did not lag behind me, – Did you come here to write or just to stand? Is your boy shy of us, – Marina, sitting on the bench, laughed, – Can you take him to the bushes away? Here’s another! – Ksyusha was indignant, – I will not go anywhere with him.
Let him pee here.
No need to endure, Sasha, – Vika told me with a smile, – Sign up and it will immediately become easier.
Ksyusha leaned over and unceremoniously raised my pussy with her cold fingers.
I blushed deeply, not knowing where to go from embarrassment.
Now Sasha will demonstrate why the boys need a pisyunchik, ”Ksyusha told me tenderly, flexing my sensitive proboscis with her fingers,“ Pis-pis.
Taking her baby in her arms, Vika went to the bench.
Ksyusha persuaded me a couple of minutes after Wikina’s departure, but she didn’t achieve anything.
Well, how are you doing? – Marina asked with a laugh, getting up from the bench.
And without that red with shame, I was embarrassed even more when I saw that the girl was heading towards us.
I just don’t know how to make such a stubborn pee, ”Ksyusha sighed,“ Can I try to massage Sasha’s tummy? ” We Vita often did this when he was small, – Marina smiled, – Massaged the lower abdomen to cause an urge in a small way. Hidden cam squirt.

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