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Mom’s knees, too, did not stand still.
Mom that erected, then shifted her legs.
Her hands again moved to her feet.
But now the left hand lingered on the tummy and lifted him.
Raised over the pubis.
And the right hand dived between her legs.
Mom began to stroke her there.
Mom’s mouth opened.
She pulled one foot out of the water and laid it on the edge of the bath.
The movement of the mother’s right hand between her legs became fast.
Her body was in motion.
Thighs like hand help.
Mom bit her lip.
I looked from her hand to her face.
Which every second changed new and new facial expressions of sexual pleasure.
Her body is all tense.
Mom raised her hips

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above the water, as if concentrating all the energy in her lower abdomen.
Her eyes closed tightly.
The teeth are tightly grasped.
And that her hips began to make a sharp rise above the water.
Her mouth opened again.
Now mom, like a fish pulled ashore, opened and covered her mouth with convulsions of her hips.
After the seventh-eighth time of her convulsions, her face took a satisfied look.
Left hand supporting tummy slipped into the water.
Her whole body, too, slowly sank into the water.
The right palm caressed her between her legs for a few seconds and also calmed down.
And on my mother’s face bliss.
I popped into the toilet.
Something like a pussy.
A couple of times spent on it and began to finish, unsuccessfully trying to get a jet of sperm in the toilet.
I wiped my stains on the toilet with toilet paper and somehow calmed down.
Then, I died of opportunity, often spying on my mother during self-gratification.

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Then I did not set out to understand why mom does it.
And only a little later he learned that dad had become impotent very early.
In principle, if I didn’t look out the window, don’t become a dad impotent, and this story wouldn’t have happened.
One summer evening, the neighbors on the site had some sort of booze, with a large number of guests.
Dad worked at night and we went with mom.
I sat for a while and left.
I do not remember what I did.
Even fell asleep.
I woke up at one in the morning.
Mom nebylo.
I decided to smoke on the balcony.
We had a bedside table in the hallway.
In one of the old shoes I was hiding cigarettes from my parents.
I walked over to the nightstand, but then my mother’s voice heard a muffled voice from the entrance.
Quietly, I crept to the door and looked out through the peephole.
Mom was drunk.
Not drunk, but drunk.
She stood facing me against the wall of the entrance.
Next to her half-sided to me was a man.
Of course, they talked about something, but it was hard to hear, and I didn’t listen.
I watched.
And this guy was mummy.
For boobs, for the lower abdomen.
And my mother did not even resist.
To myself, I scolded her with all sorts of dirty words.
And the man turned his back to me (facing my mother).
I realized that they kiss.
But not just like that.
I saw his hands doing something.
What was not clear.
Then between the legs of a man, I noticed how my mother’s dress slowly crawled up, exposing my mother’s feet.
I wanted to jump out.
Scream that would stop.
But I stood and rubbed, involuntarily stroking my swollen knoll under my pants.
And here it happened.
The guy dropped from his mother.
Her dress hem immediately fell down.
The man again became a half-bar, and I saw that a member was sticking out of his stretched fly.
He began to turn his mother back to him.
Mom reluctantly turned.
He slightly pushed her forward to the stairs and Mom leaned over.
MY MOM BECAME THE CANCER !!! Now I did not see that, but I saw all the most important things.
Vidil otopyryrnuyu my mother’s too low.
A man picks up his mother’s dress and pushes his mother in the direction of the panties, somewhere under the buttocks, thrust her soi into her.
Suddenly, I felt that I was ending.
In order not to splash anything, I quickly pulled out my pussy and squeezed it, and ran to the bathroom. Leyagornay bongacams.

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