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the second time I finished, it seems, with her.
And the whole next week we waited for her period to begin.
After that

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, we often fucked.

I hurried home to have time to fuck my sister before my parents returned home.
My father worked late, my mother also got a job, and twice a week she returned as late as her father.
On such days, we ran headlong at home and just fucked nonstop, and at night I secretly fucked her in my room again.
I had a girlfriend, and my sister was friends with a boy, but we didn’t deal with them with anything like that, we wanted to look chaste, especially our town was very small, we couldn’t hide anything from our neighbors, parents could recognize and there would be a scandal.
I was pleased with this and completely satisfied that my sister was at home.
A couple of times we almost got caught, and yet, a great miracle that she did not become pregnant, we could not buy condoms, but we didn’t know anything about them.
Several times, we were so passionate that I ended up at it.
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Waking up in the morning, Tanya saw that her mother had already left for work, so the discussion of what had happened was postponed to a later time, namely, to the evening.
The girl breathed a sigh of relief because she was a little ashamed, for the fact that she could not resist trying to seduce her mother.
Although, on the other hand, it is precisely that one that started this situation.
Remembering how she kissed her mom’s bosom yesterday, Tanya had a nice sigh in her groin, and she understood that if she didn’t satisfy herself now, she would be angry all day, so she calmly undressed, knowing that no one would burn her, how she defiles at home naked, went to the bathroom to take a shower and for one to caress myself under jets of warm water.

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Going into the booth, she adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature and standing under the shower slowly began to stroke herself between the legs – first gently caressing the clit, and getting the first pleasant sensations began to penetrate the fingers into her cave.
Without thinking about anything, she just stroked herself enjoying herself, but for a moment she opened her eyes and saw her mother’s panties hanging on a clothesline.
Immediately recalling yesterday’s adventures, Tanya began to fantasize that now her mother’s fingers were stroking her treasure, and the excitement instantly grew to the maximum – she was no longer gently massaging her cave, but rubbing the clitoris with her whole palm and penetrating her little, not yet stretched pussy with her whole palm .
With every second of fantasy they became more daring and she already imagined as not the fingers, but her mother’s tongue caressing her below.
Moisture has simply flowed between her lips, which had never happened to her before.
Tanya tore off her mother’s panties from the rope and had already started stroking her breasts, her face becoming more and more excited.
And then it dawned on her – she glanced over to find the laundry basket, and coming out of the shower stall, she decided to find more worn panties and was rewarded – in the corner lay crumpled lace panties, in which her mother was yesterday and in which she tried to penetrate.
Tanya realized that they were on Olga all night, and only today they got in the laundry.
With trembling hands, the girl took them out and unfolded to see that they were thickly smeared with her mother’s secretions, which had already begun to dry out – and this meant that quite recently the mother was very excited and probably an hour ago at the same place, in the bathroom also caressed herself.
Tanya realized that she really wanted her mother to masturbate, thinking about her, about her daughter and about what happened yesterday.
She brought her panties up to her face and sniffed the place that came into contact with my mother’s vagina.
The smell of the woman just turned off the mind of a young girl, and she completely out of control, first touched her tongue, and then began to lick the grease of the mother with a delicate fabric.
Taste of discharge and fantasy that she licks not her panties but her mother’s bosom did their job and Tanya finished many times stronger than yesterday – the girl was already shaking and she leaned against the wall and with Olgin’s lips she got an orgasm for an orgasm. Livejasmin previous version.

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