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With the other hand, I squeezed my chest tightly, holding my nipple in my fingers.
I groaned.
He stopped and took the belt from the dressing gown, tied my hands to the headboard.

He turned me over on my stomach and put a pillow under my hips, so my ass ripped up almost straight up.
Rudely spread my legs.
Just a beautiful picture.
Woman with a raised ass and wet pussy.
Another gown from the robe, he gagged me, like a gag.
I saw him take a belt out of his pants and fold it in half.
The first blow to my ass made me jump and grunt from the pain.
The second, third, fourth.
I jerked, squirmed, tears flowed from my eyes.
The belt fell and fell on my ass.
Everything burned and hurt, but I felt that a previously unknown excitement was replacing the pain.
Inside me everything was poured, more and more, something new.
When he stopped, I almost did not feel the reality, everything was as in a fog, only my burning ass and a terribly excited pussy.
I felt his fingers, and when two fingers abruptly entered me, I finished.
It was a crazy orgasm, not like the ones previously experienced.
He did not stop and slowly put almost all his hands into me and began to fuck me like that.
I finished two more times, the reality went further and further away from me.
I felt that with his other hand he began to penetrate my ass.
Having entered two fingers, his hands began to move simultaneously.
When he stopped tormenting me, he untied my mouth.
– So you want to be fucked in the ass? – he asked.
– Yes!! Yes!! Please !! Fuck me, I really want to! I just beg you !! I did not say, I moaned, screamed, squirmed.
He put his dick

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to my ass and strongly entered me.
And he began to fuck me with such rage and anger that I just went crazy.
His heavy testicles beat me on swollen lips, clitoris.
He slapped me, squeezed my breasts, twisted my nipples and called me dirty words.

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But how nice they were to me, and at that moment I felt who I really am.
I’m a whore, whore, rubbish! This is my real purpose.
And when he took out a member of the ass and began to cum on my buttocks, pussy, my back, I got the most powerful orgasm in my life and lost consciousness.
When I woke up, he was sitting in a chair, my hands were untied, I was covered with a blanket.
There was indescribable lightness and bliss in the body.
– Do you like being a whore? he asked.
Will you change me yet? – No, no, darling I will not !!! barely moving my lips I said.
– Incorrect answer.
You will, because you are created for this.
I’ll bring you guys myself and watch you get fucked.
And I will fuck you anytime and in any way.
You agree? Although you can not answer.
he smiled because he knew my answer.
you need to rest, you will have a difficult night.
Sweet! Hello.
So we met.
You are as lonely as I am.
We are all alone.
No, I do not propose friendship and I will not become your faithful friend, I will not listen to that at work a non-contentious son of a bitch, the boss does not understand you, and the wife is worried only about what to cook for dinner, and what once again smells of you, spirits or beer.
Okay, I’ll be short.
In this life I am a migratory butterfly, the one that flies to the light.
But my wings are still intact.
I love the risk, I like to feel the metallic taste of adrenaline.
And if you add sex to this, you get the mixture for which I am here.
After all, you have dreams, wild, intimate desires that no one can or does not want to fulfill.
Male oil Oleggarh, earning a lot of.
We have practically no sex, he is impotent.
And I wasted on the rough, demanding hands of a real man.
Having all the qualities and knowledge of high-quality confused yourself 🙂 The scenario is this: You (super man of my dreams) disguised as a gardener, mechanic, cook, like a spy will get over, that is, you will rush to work in our paradise.
And then we have fun with you as you never had fun, provided that my husband will be at home.
He is usually a quiet little idiot, except when there is a chance of growth of horns.
That this is the buzz! Just imagine what the risk is, so sweet languor runs over the body.
Here I want you, dear stranger.
Are you ready to be my partner, maybe in the last beautiful dance ?? 🙂 Looking forward to the letter.
Hi my name is Vika, I am 27 years old.
I always thought that Oleg, my husband loves me and does not change me, but when I saw this, everything changed in my mind.
I saw them, accidentally passing by the ship’s official premises, where no passengers are allowed to enter.
There were some kind of slut, probably a waitress, and he was fucking one of them. Royalw bongacams.

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