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Quickly having thrown off the top shirt, the girl, in order to deceive the mother, dispersed the bed, and sweetly, as if from a dream, smacking, allowed her to enter.
All the time while the old maid was helping her young mistress to wash in the room, there was an unusual silence.
Something happened? – frightened asked, finally, the girl, – How is the health of the priest? Is everything OK with my mother? With them, everything is in order, thank you, Lord, – the mother mumbled displeasure, – But you, my pigeon, let me tell you: what happened? And what, – the girl abruptly roused herself, – I slept quite calmly, heard nothing.

You did not save the maiden honor, my hapless, ”said the old woman reproachfully.“ You have to give in marriage urgently, otherwise there’s nothing else that will happen. ”
Shame you will not be gathered.
What are you? – scared the girl exclaimed, – But how could you think such a thing ?! And what is there to think, guess, – smiled Nurse.
– Polyubovnik your won and left his seal on you.
She pointed to the brightly imprinted tooth imprint on the girl’s pale neck.
The thing is, when men satane and start to bite like that.

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do not ruin, mother, – the girl gave up at once, – Forgive me fool, I can’t do anything with myself.
As he looks, so the legs do not hold, his eyes do not come off, and the heart to him from the chest is torn.
In impotence, she sank down on the bench.
The old woman sat down next to her, hugged.
Knowing the matter, youth, – not so severely she mumbled, – What kind of tribe did he even have? Blacksmith he, mother.

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The son of a blacksmith from Birch.
either, whose nose is crooked and the third wife recently gave birth to the fifth? The girl nodded hopelessly.
The old woman thought.
That’s what you, daughter, – she said sternly, – Give up this thing.
No match for you.
You will never be a merchant family and your marriage! What should I do?! – cried the girl, – After all, I love him more than life! Promise not to walk anymore, ”the mother continued to insist, forcing the girl to nod obediently.
The merchant’s daughter spent the whole day in the little room, hesitating to appear before her parents’ eyes.
And towards evening, barely a sun disk touched the distant horizon located in the fields, could not stand it and slipped out the door.
There, at the edge of the forest near the newly mown haystacks, her beloved was waiting.
An inconspicuous shadow darted the fragile figure along the fence to the cherished gate, but the rudely knocked-up door just closed behind it, as a small window on the second floor of a merchant’s house snapped open, and a wrinkled hand, which had been leaning out to the side of the runaway.
Immediately from behind the barn, a short, stocky little muzhinka, about forty years old, with a black disheveled beard, noiselessly jumped out, and without a word, hurried after the girl.
Old mother did not lose vigilance.
Inspired by a successful escape, the lover rushed without breaking the road, through a small woods, separating the urban and peasant crops, right into the hands of the guy who was already waiting for her near the blunt stacks.

The pursuer slid behind her in silent shadow.
Young embraced.
The blacksmith’s son lifted the tender face of the merchant’s daughter with a firm hand and passionately dug into her half-opened lips.
The spy, hiding behind an adjacent stack, gnashed with his teeth, watched as the devious hands of the village insolent penetrate the hem of his young mistress’s long shirt, sink into the reddened crotch perfectly visible between the divorced thighs, cause a voluptuous moan of anticipation of pleasure.
He seemed to be in a nightmare.
A half-hidden thick beard covered his face with sticky cold sweat.
How then, twenty years ago! How does a son look like a father! The unlucky fat man remembered how, then, in his youth, the handsome blacksmith seduced his intended one. Webcam anal squirt.

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