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“You will beg me about a friend, Your Majesty, I promise you that.”
The claws gently parted the thin sponges, slightly scratching them.
The princess began to moo and kick as much as the chains allowed her, but it was useless.

On the contrary, only more inflaming monster.
Stubbornly stroking the girl’s crotch, King Dacon lowered his head to her and inhaled the sweet scent of innocence.
How he loved virginity.
This feeling, when he pierced his flesh with his fangs, forever changing the human structure and adjusting it to his race

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When the girl’s uterus completely changed, making her the ideal female.
He stuck out his long tongue, in which millions of small suckers, not visible to the human eye, now appeared.
Slowly walking them through her dry flesh, he not only moistened her with his saliva, but sucked in for moments to each part of her crotch, pulling into her mouth and immediately let go, causing unprecedented sensations in her body.
Her pelvis arbitrarily twitched toward this insatiable beast, as if asking for more caress.
And the generous king giving the girl their.
Selflessly licking her vagina, he felt his mouth filled with her natural secret from the desire that had appeared.
The girl did not even guess what was happening with her body.
It was so new, so bright, so all-consuming, that you could even forget that this demon was located between her legs.
That’s what the maid of honor of the queen whispered about, that’s what the mother hasn’t let her know yet.
So enchanting that I wanted to fly.
Daikon chuckled when the female easily surrendered to his mercy.

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But this was the charm of innocence.
Girls who were not yet spoiled by principles and human morality were easily rebuilt into a new way of life.
And his sister confirms this, but I had to tinker with my mother.
Stubbornly working his tongue, licking the liquid that was oozing with juices, he penetrated with a tip into the womb, resting on the girl’s barrier.
Entering and leaving, he left a gap, and paid attention to the swollen pea.
Having twisted her clitoris with firm lips, the monster relish sucking him, making smacking sounds.
The tip of the tongue rubbed against the sensitive knot, forcing the girl to bawl at the whole hall.
And then, when the first orgasm in her life covered the girlish body, the beast smiled predatoryly and plunged its fangs into her hip vein.
letting its particular gene into the bloodstream.
Pain ripped up the fireworks of pleasure, pulling happiness from her hands.
The body of the princess in wild pain twitched on the chains, tears gushed from her rolling eyes, and her neck bent unnaturally.
Holding her basin tightly in his hands, he enjoyed the sight of his victim.
The fire ran in her blood, burning the bridges with her normal human life, and changing the girl forever.
By adjusting the not yet fully matured girlish body for their lustful needs.
Now she is one of his females.
Without will, without rights, without choice.
Her whole life will be focused only on the perverted desires of the monster – to be fucked by him and carry his children.
Rainbow pink dreams broke on the brink of cruel reality.
“Ahhhhh, it hurts,” she whimpered, shuddering under the waves of rolling pain.
As if her whole body ached, burning from the inside the inside, destroying human DNA.
“No one said it would be any different, dear bride,” the king said with angry satisfaction, enjoying her sufferings and reveling in them.
Straightening between her legs, he pressed his big, blunt head against a quivering innocent flesh.
Mucus oozed through the dark purple, wiry organ, standing out from the small pores that were not inherent in the human member.
Puzzling back and forth, he smeared this liquid on small lips, forcing them to disperse to the side, as if opening the door to her virginity.
But Dacon was in no hurry to take her. Young blonde anal webcam.

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