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Zhenya should not ask such questions.
Something happened to her! Could her artificial intelligence be formed before a serious independent analysis? At least two options.
Either there was a failure in Eugene’s software or it evolved in its development, and for unknown reasons to Alex.

In any case, Zhenya learned to think individually.
And the doll continued to ponder and ask uncomfortable questions.
– Can I love another man? Here is another surprise! – But you want it? – I do not know yet.
Although I am sure that my existence is associated only with you.
I understand it.
After all, for that I was created.
– Something does not suit you? “I don’t know yet,” said Zhenya thoughtfully, “but sometimes it seems to me that I want more.”
– More than to love me? Reply Eugene did not have time.
Suddenly a small piebald dog jumped out of the gateway onto the road.
Stupid dog rushed under the wheels of the car, barking for no reason.
And when it seemed that a collision with a dog could not be avoided, Eugene abruptly turned the steering wheel to the left.
The car almost flew into the wall of a nearby house.
She successfully coped with this problem by unscrewing the steering wheel in the right direction.
Alex sighed with relief.
But it seems early.
Towards almost to the ram, they were rushing blue “Toyota”.
He slammed a shot.
Someone, apparently a bad man, fired consciously and deliberately from the car heading towards them.
The section of the front glass with a ringing shattered into many fragments, Alex managed to jerk Zhenya in a sharp movement, rolling down onto the floor himself.
The cars parted – the unknown gunner didn’t have the heart for the “ram” or this action was not in his plans.
Their car continued to fly along the highway, practically unmanageable.

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Finally, Zhenya was able to stop him.
Screaming brakes, the car stopped.
– What was it? – Alex asked, dumbfounded.
“I don’t know, but probably they wanted to destroy us,” the dolly suggested calmly.
– Again? Telegin’s face was darker than a cloud.
– The guys seem serious, something needs to be done – he said – by the way, are you whole? – Yes, I’m fine.
You did save me — in Yevgenia’s large green eyes, in her disheveled form, even in a scratch on her forehead, which looked quite like a real person — it was all charm.
She is very beautiful! – Debt good turn deserves another.
You, too, more than once rescued me.
So people say – Telegin scoffed – and you still want to try to strike a relationship with another? Zhenya smiled for the first time in that time: – Not yet.
Although I would be interested.
But I still can not.
You know that.
I want it or not.
Alex reached for the doll and kissed her softly on the lips.
Kissed, as if showing tenderness to his beloved person.
This is the feeling he experienced at this moment.
Perhaps Zhenya felt this too.
Her return kiss was just as sweet and sincere.
At first glance it was difficult to notice.
Neuman, who was comfortably seated in a huge chair, swallowed expensive red wine from a large glass and studied the space ahead of himself with a calm gaze.
He seemed to pay no attention to the other occupants of the room.
They were here two more.
A stooped, inconspicuous person, who is nervously measuring the room, looking now at Neumann, now at the very pretty graceful blonde in a home robe, also holding a glass of noble drink in the thin fingers of her right hand.
In appearance, the girl was no more than 21–23 years old.
And she seemed quite young.
“It so happened that they turned out to be more agile, and I did not want to glow in the center of the city,” the man suddenly said in a bass voice, and again looked at Neumann and the girl.
Mila (it was she) diligently pretended not to notice his gaze.
She generally looked detached from what was happening in the room.
Even more than Roman Yakovlevich.
Who suddenly drew attention to the man – You want to say that they were able to get away from your shot? He asked slowly, taking another sip of wine.

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– Yes, we with Sergey went almost on a ram, and I shot at an emphasis.
But they dodged it.
Nimble turned out to be.
As if waiting.
– The fact that you did not want to shine is right.
But you did not fulfill my order.
And I paid you.
Neuman looked at the man with an icy look: – Not good. Arab hidden cam sex tube.

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