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Subconsciously, I realized that it was an orgasm.
I lost track of time.
She came to herself when a member in me began to move again.

At that moment I was already cancer.
A man furiously fucked me.

At some point, I felt his dick begin to grow.
He was just bursting at me from the inside.
The stranger froze and after a second his cock twitched in me like a madman.
The feeling that a man lifted and lowered me with his penis.
He finished.
And I dutifully accepted his orgasm.
It was cancer with a member in pussy and smiled.
Tension subsided.
Now I knew what a satisfied woman was.
There was a pleasant feeling of weightlessness down the abdomen.
We silently got up.
Get dressed
Silently we went back to the path of the park.
I turned toward the house.
“How many more will there be a husband?” The man asked.
“Two months” – my voice sounded uncertain, I was squeezed like a lemon.
The man continued: “I understand everything and do not think badly of you.
If you want.
I travel here every day at the same time.
I nodded my head and went home.

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I was tormented by remorse.
I was thinking about a husband.
He’s swimming there, and me.
Whore! What am I a whore! That’s it, go home.
I love you, Andrei! And Igor was lying in a wheelchair and smiling.
Tears streamed down my cheeks.
Igorechek, forgive me! Now we will come home, read a fairy tale! Here more than foot! Never! What a disgrace.
Tears flowed and flowed.
This is a terrible dream! It’s not me! The next day, at the same time, I was cancer at the transformer box.
The carriage with Igorkom was nearby.
My vagina was drilled by my stranger, whose name I never recognized.
I was crazy good! I bought a big pack of condoms myself.
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