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My beloved crouched, lifted my head and kissed me passionately.
I realized what the catch was when it was too late: it was not just a kiss, she did not swallow the sperm of an older one, she had her whole mouth filled.
And now, with several movements of the tongue, she pumped all his sperm into my mouth, immediately pulled away from me, and holding my lips with her hand (so that I couldn’t spit it out), ordered: “Swallow!”

And I dutifully swallowed.
Honestly, it was not disgusting.
The taste is, of course, peculiar, slightly salty, but my excitement plus piquancy of the situation was such that the urine in this case would have gone for champagne.
Masha smiled and asked: – Did you like it ?.
– Well, like this.
– apparently, my answer and I myself looked quite funny, because the whole company laughed amicably.
Spitefully, but very contagious, so that I laughed too.
Honestly, after everything I experienced, I was over-excited and hoped to finish while Masha, as they say, did not cool down, and her young lovers, having had enough sex, went to breakfast.
But it was not there – the happy Mikhalych came in the bedroom and was benevolent, but at the same time, with an insistent tone, he said: “Well, little doves, let’s go to the bathhouse,” and solemnly handed us two huge bath robes.
We threw them on a naked body and went out into the yard.
It turned out that the bath is located a little further than the courtyard of the house, you have to go to it by car.
Mikhalych planted us in his Audi and said with optimism: – Yes, it’s about ten minutes to go, but what kind of landscape awaits you – on the lakeside, a bathhouse, a camp site just for you! Arab sex on hidden cam.

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