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I replied in my female voice while Suzy kissed me.
I gently touched her lovely breasts.
– I wish I had the same! – I exclaimed.

Susan and Kaylee smiled at each other and gently kissed, and then turned back to me.
“Then take care of them, pretty girl,” Kaylie told me.
I lay down, and she tilted Susie towards me in such a way that her nipple was right above my mouth, and I immediately began to suck it gently.
Looking down a little, I saw that Kaylee was sucking on the second breast.
Susan groaned when the two of us covered her tender tits with kisses and, after a while, moved up to us with her long wet pussy.
– And now let me show you how to properly lick a woman.
She bent her head over her girlfriend’s pussy and began to lick the outer lips, gently penetrating her tongue inside.
Suzy was moaning when Kayley held her tongue up from the bottom, then Kayle started at the clitoris.
– Now it’s your turn, dear, – again the feeling of unreality of what was happening seized me, I could not

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believe that they would allow me to touch the pussy of one of my friends, but, nevertheless, I inclined my head to her flaming crack and put my tongue inside, trying to imitate Kaylie’s movements.
Looks like I outdid myself and licked better than ever.
Suzie groaned louder and louder, I stuck to her pussy with all my mouth so hard that she began to cum.

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When she finished, I think her cry was heard far away, and my face was completely smeared with her abundant lubricant.
With a sense of accomplishment, we lay down again on the huge bed.
“I want a cigarette,” I said.
Susan gave me one, and I sucked it, with pleasure I drew in, and then, stretching my lips in the shape of the letter “o,” released an even circle of smoke.
“Tighten one more time,” Susan told me.
As soon as I put a cigarette in my lips and began to suck it slightly, Susie moved closer to my penis.
She began to slowly drag on and douse him with cigarette smoke.
It was so unusual! I felt my dick ready for new fun again, but we were all tired and wanted to sleep.
So, I woke up without a single hair on my body in the company of two sexy women.
And I could not believe that I was again in a great excitement.
“Honey,” Kaylie told me, “I’m going to buy something for you, I’m sure you two will have something to do until I come.”
To be continued.
We met at his house, we were patient for a long time, we picked up time.
He is married, and there was no moment to be alone.
His wife went to relatives, and he stayed for a few days for work and decided to invite me.
Preparations took a little time.
Dressed for him in a girl, I was wearing white stockings, small lace panties, he also gave me white shoes with an average heel and a white dress of his wife.
Rummaged in the things of his wife, and painted cilia, sponges in pink.
He was waiting for me in the hall, I didn’t just come out of the corridor, first I put the leg up and slowly lowered it to the heel, making a couple of turns, holding onto the hem of the dress, it seemed all over.
We met our eyes and smiled, coming up to me, he stretched out his hand and ran around the hall, sat me in a chair and began to open champagne. Arab webcam masturbation.

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