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And then for a week I just didn’t want to let me go there so that everything would heal.
Accordingly, I first had to be content with oral sex, and then we tried anal sex, which had not been practiced before.
Gradually, Lena began to like this, and she had the idea to try double penetration.

I think very soon this idea will come true in our lives.
Our relations have not changed, we, it seems to me, even more began to trust each other after this story.
Lena was worried that her pussy would never be as dense as it was before, but she read the exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina somewhere on the Internet, and a month later I learned to knead my dick inside that one hundred I just went crazy with thrills.
By the way, Lena and Marie are now chatting over the Internet, so maybe this is not our last meeting with them.
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If similar stories happened to someone, I would be glad to learn about your experiences.
Good luck and love each other!
I returned to the room.
I stood at the window.
Literally a couple of minutes, Zhenya entered.
She came over and hugged me, kissing me on the lips.
I answered her, and immediately felt the taste of someone else’s sperm on her lips.
– Did you feel good? – Yes, – and after waiting a bit.
– Do you wanna take a look? He filmed everything on video.
– Zhenka showed a videotape.
– Interesting.
– I turned on the video and inserted the cassette.
Sitting down on a chair with legs spread wide apart, I began to watch Zhenya demonstrate a strip tease on the screen, moving smoothly and throwing off her clothes.
The sexy lingerie acquired today looked awesome on the young figure of my wife.

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Lace white panties, white stockings, other attributes and costume jewelry made her the most desired girl in the world.
Undressing, Zhenya sat on the sofa and leaned back, spread her legs.
Looking into the camera, she began to stroke her breasts with one hand, and the second, making her way to the smooth-shaved pubes to her pussy, began to caress her swelling clit with her index finger.
Then she lowered a finger below and began to stroke her wet big and small sex lips.
Sweet moans came from the open mouth.
The voice of Alexey behind the scenes encouraged Zhenya.
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