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I came to myself lying on the bed, I do not know how much time has passed.
Now my other nipple underwent the same procedure and, after a puncture, also inserted a ring-like object into it.
After these procedures, I felt that Dr. Rainer began to wipe my punctured nipples with something wet, I felt a slight burning sensation, but the pain gradually began to recede.

After that, Rainer pulled off my blindfold: Well, my little bird was good for you? Undoubtedly, it cannot be otherwise.
But the next action you just need to see, visual perception of course will not give you the full enjoy the feeling of pain, but then you can remember it forever.
I was lying and crying, I wanted to close my eyes and never open them again.
The doctor again went into the darkness.
I heard Rainer’s footsteps, she was returning, and what she held in her hand made my eyes widen in horror, I tried to scream, but only a faint squeak escaped my throat.
Dr. Rainer was holding in her hand a metal cane that ended in a red-hot stamp bearing some inscription.
Approaching me, Rainer, without saying a word, made a mark on my shaved pubis, there was a hiss and I fainted from the pain.
Chapter 5 – Day Three When I woke up and looked around, I realized that I was lying on a massage table in the bathroom, but I was not strapped on as usual, I stirred, and then severe pain pierced the bottom of my stomach, instantly pictures of what happened to me surfaced in my head.
I carefully climbed off the table and wandered to the mirror, walking up to him and looking at myself, I froze in place, a stifled moan escaped from my throat.
My nipples were pierced through, they were red and inflamed, thin metal rings were threaded through them.
On the pubis in the center clearly stood out the stamp “slave”, the skin around the stigma was also very red.
God, what they turned me to, what they did to my body, I can never be the same.

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The door opened and Liz entered: Get up, and follow me time to have breakfast, you were out all day and night, today is the last day of training, tomorrow is an auction.
I got up and walked behind her, as if in a fog, I had no strength left, I was both physically and mentally depressed.
Sitting at the table I began to eat without paying attention to what was in front of me, Liz and Jeannette began to check me that I remembered from the rules that they explained I answered them, I did not complain to the memory and remembered everything they taught me.
Surprisingly, it was okay, we all the time in this room the

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girls told different stories, periodically checking me, asking for different rules.
They explained that among the elite there are those who do not dare to contradict the rest.
At the moment there were three of them, everyone was 20 years old and this was their last year in a boarding house.
Jacqueline de Brammante is the daughter of the French minister, Victoria Winslet is the daughter of the English duke as close as possible to the crown, and Aliya Faryumadi is the daughter of an Arab multimillionaire.
The evening came quietly, then the night and they took me to sleep, they did not tie me up and did not fasten anything to my organs, and I was able to sleep peacefully.
In the morning they woke me up and took me to breakfast. After that, they began to comb me and put on makeup and various other procedures.
After that, I was dressed in a translucent short blue dress, and a white collar was fastened around my neck.
They hooked up a chain to him, then Liz blindfolded me.
I was led for about five minutes, I didn’t know where they were taking me, suddenly I heard a loud noise and voices.
On the knees of the slave, – said an unfamiliar female voice, I immediately executed the order, Liz and Jeannette very clearly explained to me what disobedience threatens.
Then the bandage was pulled off me and I saw that I was kneeling on a small dais in a huge hall with a lot of tables of chairs and cabinets.
In the hall there were quite a lot of girls. I saw that some of the slaves were on their knees completely naked.
My inspection was interrupted by the voice of a very beautiful woman standing next to me: Dear ladies, welcome to the next auction, the initial rate is five hundred thousand euros.
So who is more.
June began in Moscow and a friend celebrated her birthday.
She decided to mark this event in the country where she invited selected friends.
We drank all day and had fun in the pool.
In the evening, they melted the sauna and moved into it.
After a lot of whiskey, we were all very relaxed and sitting naked in the steam room looked at each other’s delights and discussed them. Best sex cam chat.

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