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It was both disgusting and pleasant.
The animal inside it had a special charm, and its whims were terribly infectious.
The day has come, of course.

In the evening, Irene should have stopped by, let her late, but for the night and all the next weekend, so Dina stretched a latex sheet on the bed and spread out all the surprises she had prepared for her beloved.
In the morning my heart jumped, and Dina struggled to persuade herself to go to war, not love.

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In the evening, time was especially unbearable.
When the doorbell rang, Dina could hardly reach the threshold: her legs would not obey, and a pleasant chill was already rising in her throat.
She pressed Irene against the wall right outside the door and with the pleasure of the addict dug into her lips.
They were malleable and easily opened up to meet kisses.
A chill ran below; icy from nervous excitement hands Dina squeezed Irene for the waist; she jerked a little (apparently, the effort was serious), but did not resist.
Dina was trembling with foreboding.
Her impatience told right here to tear off all clothes from Irene, spread her legs and caress all night long, but the night promised more refined pleasures.
Patience and cold calculation.
Without looking up from each other, they went into the room.
The wine was already poured into glasses, but so far Irene’s attention was attracted only by a latex black sheet and something covered with a thin blanket next to the bed.

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There were no blouses on it; Irene stood in shorts and white underwear, already moved out from the caresses of her friend.
Nipples stuck out, Dina constantly pulling one of them with her hands, then her lips, biting down to a slight pain.
Irene let her hair down; a golden mound fell on bare shoulders.
Dina pushed her on the bed and began to rip off her clothes.
She herself decided to stay in a corset, which lifted her bare breasts and tightened her waist with a teasing scarlet lace on her back.
She took a sip of wine and kissed Irene on the lips.
Red nutmeg went down the girl’s chin and dripped on a black sheet.
Today Dina wanted spectacles.
Just sex has never arranged it: the banal tricks of cheap actresses were getting out of themselves instantly; I wanted something very well thought out to avoid them.
Irene lay, completely naked from the bottom, in a bra, which now girdled only her back; she was both cold and unbearably hot.
She asked to open the window.
Dina fulfilled the request, and the wind threw back a light blanket, under which was hidden some of the toys.
The choice was made: before the girls was a jar of massage vanilla cream and some kind of white packaging.
Dina began to smear the cream on the belly of her friend, simultaneously licking it in some places with tongue.
Irene trembled and stared at her body.
After the belly lover passed to the breasts.
Cream slid; Dina squeezed her nipples tightly.
They turned completely red from the rush of blood; Irene tried to squeeze her knees to calm the surging excitement, but Dinah was just about to look at her friend between her legs.
She spread them as much as she could.
Irene gasped.
Her vagina has already opened, but Dina first began to smear the cream on the thighs and near the labia, without touching them.
They were madly pulling in on themselves, asking for kisses, but Dina ignored them until Irene, herself not her own, croaked: “Well, come on already!” I can not! Lick me! But Dina knew: as soon as she touches her friend with her lips, everything will instantly end.
She jumped up and ran into the kitchen. Bongacams com c.

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