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I didn’t think about that at all.
I looked at Anya with interest, her slightly delineated waist, barely beginning to form breasts with pink nipples, her slightly plump legs, a tubercle in the lower abdomen, clearly outlined by close melting.
I did not know exactly what to do, and therefore I was afraid to be ridiculous in her eyes.

Approximately the same, probably, feels an adult man who is not confident in his potency.
She cheered me up.
– Well what about you, come on.
Go here.
We crawled under the blanket and lay down next.
– Well, Volodya, what are you waiting for? Come on! I kind of reluctantly got up and asked her to spread her legs wider.
Then he lay down on it, pressed his belly to hers and began to rub hard.
But this activity was not as exciting as I expected.
It was too mechanistic and bland.
– Maybe we are doing something wrong? – Anya doubted.
– Of course, not that! I know, I saw how they do it in the movies.
And then she raised herself up, hugged my neck and kissed me on the lips.
Some kind of spark pierced my body.
I felt

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that my penis, which until now had been languidly dangling between my legs, began to swell and strengthen.
This was the first erection in my life.
And it was a pleasure.
Even touching Anya through her underpants caused an indescribable pleasure.
Apparently, she also felt a change.

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“What have you down there?” Is this your pussy? Can I touch it? “Can I please yours?” – I asked another question.
I lay back on my side and let Anina’s hand get into my pants.
– What is she hard! She exclaimed with admiration.
I didn’t waste any time either, and while Anya gazed with enthusiasm at my tensed cock, I also ran my hand between her legs and began to touch her virgin slit.
She was already slightly overgrown with sparse hairs and was hot and slightly moist.
– Anya? – Yes? – She answered, dreamily looking somewhere up.
“You know, I am so pleased,” I admitted.
“Me too,” she replied in a languid voice.
– If you want, you will be even nicer.
– You ask, of course! – Then let’s take off your panties, and we will.
– I was silent hesitantly.
fuck? – she guessed.
We stripped naked.
I lay down on her again, so that my cock pressed against her gap.
– So glad! – she exclaimed.
– You have such a hot piss.
– I slid a member along her labia.
She began to breathe heavily and moan.
– Still! Still! She whispered.
– It’s great! Just do not stop! I realized that she started up, and now you can do anything with it.
But it was my sister, I loved her, and it was quite enough for me to rub on her wet pussy.
My dick easily floated along her slit, like clockwork.
It was real bliss that I never experienced.
– Oh, how nice! – my sister whispered.
– Do it again.
I like.
Is this fuck up? – Not exactly, Anya, but if you want, we can really try.
– I really want, I’m just crazy! I was afraid to proceed to the point.
I remembered the talk in the pioneer camp about how girls are torn on their lips.
I knew that it could be pain and blood.
But my sister, apparently, was terribly excited.
She wanted more than just touching sex.
I think she just lost her head.
She tried a spoonful of honey and wanted to eat more.
– I want to fuck for real! – she said emphatically.
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