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Suddenly, I landed in the hospital with an attack of appendicitis.
Forced abstinence went to my advantage.
Although in the first days I experienced a strong sexual desire, and at night I dreamed of erotic dreams in which men fucked me in all holes, gradually I came to my senses.

And an acquaintance with a pretty girl from the next chamber altogether changed the situation.
It quickly ceased to be platonic, so that I returned home to a completely different person, firmly determined this time to tie it completely.

Step nine.
Farewell When, a few days after my return from the hospital, Sasha called me again, I told him that the past was over.
In response, he said that they did not discuss these matters over the telephone and offered to come to him.
Since I wanted to part with Sasha in an amicable way (he had pornographic images with my participation, which he could have made public), I had to agree, and I again went to his home.
Sasha met me in a bathrobe and invited me to the room.
There he sat me down on the sofa, and he sat next to me.

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Gathering courage, I told him that I had come to say goodbye.
– What is it you suddenly? he asked me.
“You really like it when men fuck you.”
– But now I no longer like it.
– Yes? Probably slept with some girl, so he decided to leave.
Since Sasha’s lunge hit the mark, I blushed.
– But she would have looked at your photos, where are you with a dick in your mouth, I wonder how she would like it? From this phrase, I felt rather uncomfortable, but Sasha did not let up.
– People ask me about you, I have already promised them that you will come to them.
What should I answer them now ?! They don’t do it, for no reason, to leave.
Well, two more weeks you will work with me, and so be it, we run up.
The prospect of another two weeks running around the peasants didn’t like me too much, but I didn’t want to quarrel with Sasha.
– Well, I agree – two weeks and not a day more.
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