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True, Sasha still needed to follow the road, so it didn’t work out much to admire the girl, the most he could do was occasionally glancing to the right from his side sight.
– What do you want to do in the park? On a roller coaster ride? – Alexander continued.
– Well, yes, on the roller coaster you can.

More on anything.
In shooting shooting, maybe.
So, take a rest.
– It is clear: No one will stick to you there? No guys? – Well no! – Light answered confidently, – we ourselves, whom you want, will hang on, – she joked.
Irka from behind burst out laughing.
“There you are!” Well done! – Sasha praised with a smile, – your friend has not been announced yet? – Nah.
Doesn’t want to talk, probably.
– Well, if he does not want to – do not call him.
Himself announced when bored.
– Or we will find Sveta another! – I got into the conversation Ira.
Sveta turned back, turning to Irka: – And let you find someone else too, while your Denis is at home? – Yes, no he is not mine.
We just meet like that.
– As if you have not slept even once! – objected Light.
Irka, to make it easier for her to communicate, was placed in the middle of the back seat.
Irkin’s legs were moved apart, and the hem of the sundress rode up to the limit, so that during a conversation with her Svetka enjoyed admiring the sweet crotch of her girlfriend.
– Well, they slept: But this is not true.
Just as friends – justified Irka.
Sasha coughed meaningfully.
Both from the Irkin words and from the view that has appeared to him.
Turning back to chat with her friend, Sveta turned her whole body to the left.

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She also had to put her left knee to the left, as a result of which the edge of Svetina’s skirt stretched almost to the navel, and her legs parted so wide that the entire naked crotch – including pubis, clitoris, large and small labia – turned into Sasha.
“So you only had friendly sex,” continued Sveta.
– Well, yes, sort of.
“Then, all the more,” you will look for a guy today! – Svetka slyly winked at Irka.
– Yes, I do not know somehow.
Maybe today – well, all of them in FIG? Sveta perfectly understood that, sitting in this position, she allows Sasha to see her pussy in full detail.
From this she felt a slight shame, but at the same time this shame was pleasant – from him in the puss it became moist and good.

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she tried, as she could, not to betray her embarrassment, seeing how Sasha was squinting at her crotch, and continued empty chatter with a friend: – And give one to two? For evening? – there was no seriousness in Svetkina’s voice – she was just kidding.
– Come on! Let’s get into the bushes and rape, – Irka picked up the game.
The girls neighing together.
– Here you are cruel, it turns out! – Sasha tried to fit into the conversation, – Wow! Hooligan! – Yes, we are so, weed in our own way! – I already see.
Have fun with you! Do not give me bored – the car stopped at a traffic light, and now Sasha, turning to Svetka, frankly looked at the sweet rose between her legs, with the outlined drops of lubricant on smooth lips.
Sveta physically felt the man’s gaze on her bare pussy.
She felt terribly embarrassed by this sensation, but this glance acted on her clitoris as well as direct touch with a finger, intensifying excitement with every second.
– So, it will be boring, – we can amuse! We can do it, – concluded the Light ambiguously.
– I catch the word! – confirmed Alexander.
Having sat down with her friend, Sveta again sat on the seat more comfortably and, having relaxed, looked forward to the evening city.
She loved to ride a car, although there was no car in her family, so this was Svetka quite rare.
Sveta looked detached at the cars passing by, stops with people, traffic lights, squares, fountains, kiosks.
The evening was supposed to work out for glory: And there are two more days off ahead! And then the last call too soon! Cam to cam skype sex.

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