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He lay where he remained after the merger with the moon maiden, covered with a veil.
The east sky has brightened, but the dawn has not really begun yet.
Lens Kirtiana still rested on a stand, except that the lights had already gone out.

Beside himself, Tauno discovered the promised bottle of the drink of immortality.
Luihad kept his word, at least for the first time.
So, they will probably have a stable source of elixir.
Tauno lay, recovering himself, and remembering the moon maiden.
No, what a wonderful she was! What a woman! – With a feeling said Tauno rising.
– If the earth girls will be at least half as fine as with the moon, I’m ready to give anyone who agrees to sleep with me, the entire supply of the drink of immortality.
well, except for the portion that I drink myself.
Zaldron did not listen to the young man.
He was already collecting things, and wondering who could be drawn into this enterprise, except Oberik and his daughter Yarmag.
This ancient strange hotel everyone sees in his own way.
For some, this is a huge complex – a lot of different rooms, entertainment, shops, restaurants, casinos.
For others, on the contrary, this is a cozy rural hotel, where the good-natured host will suit you in a small room with embroidered curtains on the windows.
Or it is an ancient castle, and a black gentleman with a mysterious smile on blood-red lips leads you to the highest tower for the night.
This is an ancient hotel, and for everyone there is a room to taste.

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Here you will not find it on any map of the Earth.
This hotel is located between worlds, so among its guests are magicians, demons, and even gods.
One of the guests (the god Thor, by the way) was sleeping peacefully.
And suddenly I heard someone rummaging around in his room.
Sometimes you could hear the quiet “Oh!” If this someone ran across furniture.
With a wild roar: – “I told you not to bother !!!” – Thor turned on the light.
But the room

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was empty.
He looked around and had already begun to turn over the furniture in search of an uninvited guest, when he suddenly heard a low voice: – You are not looking for me, by chance? “Yes, Hogg, you, just you !!” “I don’t know Hogg, but could you turn off the lights?” Then you can see me.
– I am God, I will see you and find, wherever and whoever you are !!! Mjollnir! – I beg you, do not destroy everything.
Turn off the light and I will explain to you all.
Thor looked more closely – the voice was heard at the window, but even he, God, had difficulty in viewing the faint ghostly glow there.
Intrigued, he turned off the light and saw a translucent silhouette of a girl by the window.
– Person? – he raised his eyebrows in surprise.
– was.
– nodded girl.
– How did you get here? People, even after death, are ordered here.
– the ghost guiltily looked down.
– You see.
I dont know.
– God even laughed.
– How do you not know? The ghost is tied to the place of his death! Unless of course, does not follow.
Or maybe you were killed? and are you looking for a killer? – I do not know.
I am looking for my hair.
And the rest I do not remember.
– And the girl sighed sadly.
Any ghost should be sad to sigh or moan, the work they have is such – but this one was really very sad.
– Do you have a name? – I think it was.
But I do not remember him.
– The ghost sighed again.
– Excuse me.
For a long time Tor looked at the shape of a ghost hanging above the floor.
Usually they look clumsy: torn clothes, unkempt appearance.
It is understandable, to take care of yourself when you are not reflected in the mirror is rather complicated. Chinese hidden cam sex videos.

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