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Extremely excited, she ran around Alenka, hurrying her.
Blonde, waking up, slowly dressed, twisting her ass, pulling on a narrow, short shorts.
– That’s my pussy came! – the girl smiled at me.

– Get ready soon, let’s go! – Where? – This is a surprise to you.
Well, do not weary, come on soon! The mistress of the house threw me a bundle of clothes in which I found panties, jeans and a beacon.
Still not realizing what had happened, I got dressed, chose the right shoes for myself, and the brunette pulled us to her typewriter.
It took a long time to go.
Although the movement was almost absent – summer, heat, day off, evening – it is clear that most normal people had a rest outside the city.
But, as always happens – the road builders decided to simultaneously repair all the roads, and most of the city was dug up.
We crossed the city, drove out on the opposite side, and drove a little bit more to the car wash under construction, fenced off by a concrete fence.
Here was a jeep, which I seem to have already seen somewhere.
Kristinka stopped near him, and we entered the building.
From the twilight, some kind of shadow rushed at me.
– Sasha, my dear, what did these freaks do to you? – she cried Katina voice.
– You have nothing broken, not torn? – Sis? – I was surprised.
“Where are you from?” But then I was even more surprised.
On the tiled floor, littered with construction debris, lay, connected, my rapists in full force – Bulat, Rustam and Oleg! Nearby, looking at all thirty-two teeth, stood Acne with Valera. Erotic webcam girls.

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