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I do not know what was found on me at that moment, but I, having pulled a member out of my pants, with a swing, drove my wife into pussy.

Julia looked out at me from behind Makhmed’s shoulder and waved her hand to me.

And I, of course, did not understand her correctly.
I ripped the condom packing, pulled it over two fingers and tried to shove them into Makhmed’s anus.
To my surprise, they easily slipped inside.
Leading them inside, hot as the fire of a steam locomotive, I wondered what if three.
They say men are killing off prostate massage so that the roof flies away.
I pulled out my fingers, put the third one in the condom, and tried to insert it.
It went tighter, while Mahmed froze, sticking out his ass, slightly tugging them forward and backward.
When they were completely in it, I began to slowly move them back and forth.
At the same time, he repeated the movements of my hand.
This game fascinated me, and I liked that I control the movements of the member who fucks my wife.
But the swollen member could no longer restrain the pressure, threatening to burst. Facebook live video sexy.

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