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Bear promised me to tell a sexual story that happened to him shortly before leaving for Crimea, I also promised to tell him about my adventures.
Finally, I noticed that Svetochka swam.
She leaned back in her chair and ran her fingers into invitingly opened lips.

My dick immediately responded to her actions by standing up.
Sveta was already breathing heavily, massaging the clitoris button.
Sperm residues still flowed from her vagina and anus.
Sveta has already started mumbling words, like: “Guys, fuck each other, I want to see.”
I immediately took advantage of this by offering Misha to stretch my ass.
He lay back and began to lubricate his hole with my cream.
I rushed to help him.
Misha’s member also started to get up.
I leaned over his balls and began to lick them, not forgetting to attack his ass with two fingers.

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Svetik looked at us with full eyes of passion and said: – Sania, fuck Misha, I love him instead of a girl, I love to watch it.
She came up behind her and put her finger in my anus, turning it as if she had been doing it all her life.
Her skillful actions immediately reflected on my penis, he hardened like a column.
Sveta still licked it all along its length and began to fill it in Mishkin’s ass.
I pressed Mishkin’s legs to his stomach and planted the full length of his eggs.
Mishka just gasped, while his member began to grow.
Sveta with one hand caressed her crotch, with the other she tugged on the fat phallus of her man.
The picture was so exciting that I felt the approach of the next, third orgasm in a day.
Svetik already yelled again at the top of his voice, and Misha was also on the way.

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He waved with fury.
I grabbed his ass and put it on the dick with all my might, his hole improperly munched, and this added additional inspiration to the whole trinity.
I started to completely get a member of his ass and then again pushed the entire length.
I finished unexpectedly, when Mishkin felt spasms, his ass was shaken, then squeezing it, letting go of my dick, he planted himself on my stake and froze.
Sperm splashed out of his penis on his stomach, but Svetik quickly swallowed this whole economy into his mouth and drank nectar of love.
Then she licked Mishkin’s belly, and I once again walked through her holes, collecting her juices and sperm residues.
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