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Igor jerked off, looking at the magnificent, in his opinion, picture.

Deciding that there was enough from Marina, he tore the clothespins off the nipples, which caused the girl’s hellish pain.

Without hesitation, he pulled out a chair leg from her backside.
For the exhausted girl came, finally, relief.
My back burned with fire, my nipples ached, and there was a terrible taste in my mouth.
He took her hands and leaned her back against the wall.
Pressing his head, he inserted a member into her mouth and began to fuck furiously.
Marina choked, cried, coughed, but did not dare to resist.
It seemed to her that it lasted forever.
Finally, the guy began to descend into it.
There was a lot of sperm, the first portion got into the mouth, but he poured everything else on her face.
The guy moaned and twitched until he fell to his knees, freeing the scarlet hole of the mouth from which the sperm flowed.
Sperm dripped on her breasts, glistening on her lips, cheeks and eyelashes.
Igor smiled, patting Marina on the cheek, got up and dressed.
– Thanks bitch, come again.
Marina stood on trembling legs and, taking her dress with underwear, left the room.
Oleg was sitting in the kitchen, she slipped into the bathroom, got dressed and brought herself to a more or

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less normal look.
Having left, she came across Oleg.

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– Excuse me, what happened, I hope we will not inflate this problem? Oleg suddenly switched to you again, as if a completely different girl was serving him.
– You understand, the guy has seen enough of everyone on this Internet, he thinks that this is all the way it should be.
But thank you for your understanding of his fantasies.
– Everything is good.
Marina whispered in a trembling voice.
– Here, take it.
Oleg held out the thousandth bill.
– parting no offense? Marina took the money.
– No offense.
Marina replied, squeezing money with her hand.
The fact that Oleg paid her was less than the amount for which they had originally agreed.
Ask she did not dare.
– That’s great.
Oleg broke into a smile.
He took her by the shoulders to the elevator.
– Will you talk to you online? Marina did not answer, just made a weak nod and got into the elevator.
She looked at herself in the mirror and burst into tears.
Coming out of the doorway, she slowly wandered away.
– Excuse me, don’t you give me a cigarette? A girl asked a passerby.
He treated and gave a light.
Marina took a deep breath, trying to kill the disgusting taste in her mouth with bitterness of smoke and calm down.
Remembering the crumpled bill in her hand, she carefully straightened it and hid it in her purse.
She found the phone in her purse, wiped away tears, coughed.
– Hello, Lesh.
I am spending the night with Dasha.
Well, that’s how it turned out.
Yes, bye, good night.
The clock showed nine-thirty.
Marina walked unsteadily toward her friend, she really wanted to drink.
They boarded the train, entered the compartment and settled into the free lower seats.
The train, having stood for another five minutes, started off.
Through the window one could see the streets and houses of a small town running back.
Two girlfriends went to rest to the south.
For a long time their eyes were riveted by slender young men with strong pumped bodies. Gay asian model sex.

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