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On the back of Stasik, I felt the mole just under the shoulder blade, in a moment, remembering how I had stroked it at night.
In the far corner was an old topchank covered with oiled rags and gray sacking, faded posters, newspapers and other paper trash.
We hurried to it and, shaking off the dust, settled down.

At first they just lay down side by side: hugging and stroking hot bodies, sensitively listening to the slightest rustle outside the walls.
And then they went over to kisses – and more and more juicy, passionately, penetrating the tongue into the warm depth of the mouth.
And then, quickly pulling off his pants, they began impatiently to grab the members sticking up under the army black shorts – as the pranksters often do during school breaks.
They were torpedoed and pulled them, not losing the hanging testicles; squeezed countless times, bringing themselves to mad enjoyment.
Stasik was the first to grab my “fidget” out of his underpants and diligently began stroking his thin translucent skin, gently sliding it with two fingers up and down.
And at the same time, he kissed my body, dropping from the neck to my chest and stomach.

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And when I got to the curly hairs on the pubis and around the penis itself (on the eggs), I could not stand it and turned it over on myself – so that I could reach for his fun “toy”, defiantly sticking between slender and completely hairless legs.
His member was not

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so long, but strong and resilient – a real fighter-raid! He stood like a gallant guardsman, and two large eggs, like tennis balls in a dense skin, swelling even more from my caresses, trembled, twitching with pleasure.
But I didn’t have time to properly sit down, sitting next to him (to make it easier to lie down and suck at the same time together), as Stas was puffed up and puffed up, his head buried in the very bottom of my stomach.
He sucked furiously, hotly licking and the trunk covered with a grid of filled veins, and pawing – with some special pleasure swallowing her mouth, as if it was something fabulous, long-awaited, delightful – the limit of all his dreams.
Having turned away from everything, I fell into a real high, I even closed my eyes with pleasure.
But after a minute, he came to his senses and came to himself, began to kiss his brave “fighter”, pulling his fist clenched into his fist by the hot, vertical, elastic trunk and dangling balls-eggs.
“And we did all this hastily, trying to get in tact with each other and interrupting only to intercept a breath of air.”
In such an intimate setting, I did not have time to notice, as he himself began to deeply and willingly swallow a member of Stasik! Not embarrassed, I sucked his pretty fresh cock – the whole, from large shiny eggs to stunningly beautiful hat-head, resembling the ripe and strong fruit of chestnut! Group of teen orgasm on cam.

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