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I repeated all that Oksana did

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We quickly washed away everything and went to Oksana.
I thought about what just happened and I definitely liked it.

For these thoughts, I did not notice how we came to Oksana.
In her room there was a large bed, covered with a pink bedspread.
On Oksana, on Oli and on me there was not a single thing.
I suggested having sex immediately.
But Olya and Oksana said that before my arrival they drank 2-liter bottles and that this water now got to them where they should and now they would very much like to go to the toilet.
Strangely enough, today I had a birthday of a fellow student at the institute and I drank a lot of water and juice too (r.
my body does not tolerate alcohol) and really wanted to go to the toilet, so I honestly admitted it to the girls.
Therefore, we decided that it would be better to go to the guest toilet.
And that you are surprised we often gathered guests and when we lived in the old house there wasn’t enough for everyone, so a new toilet for guests was allocated in the new one.
We entered the guest dressing room.
And the interior guest guest was like this: You come in and find yourself in a small room with 3 cabins, and 2 sinks opposite.
Well, that we go in – said Oksanka.
Yes – we shouted with Olya.

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And we went into the booths.
Olya began to write first, then I followed her, Oksana joined us last.
When the girls finished writing, I heard them gently wiping their sex lips with napkins.
When we left the toilet.
The girls said, well, I liked the sight.
Then they looked at my boyfriend and said they liked it.
And now we all need sexual relief.
We went to the Oksanka in the room.
She said that I would lay down on the bed, and she took out the sexy handcuffs and chained me to the bed.
Well, Olga is time to have fun – said Oksana to her sister.
Olya touched, he immediately stood up to my penis.
Then she gently and gently began to sit down on my dick.
And he was in a tight, delicate and very wet hole.
She began to slowly rise and fall, moaning.
Oksanka at this time took out a vibrator and gently brought it to her wonderful pea.
This did not last long from the events experienced today, we quickly ended.
Olya, feeling my orgasm approaching, didn’t even think of getting up from me and I finished her right in the vagina.
Then came the turn of Oksana.
She lay down, so that her pussy was around my face, and my boyfriend around the face.
And we started a friend to deliver pleasure.
Oksanina’s pussy was all wet from the events experienced today, but asked for more.
And I gave her, Oksanka, but the time while I licked her pussy finished 5 times.
As soon as she began to finish the first time and she released my boyfriend from her mouth.
He was immediately picked up by Olya and brought me to orgasm, swallowing everything in myself.
We looked at Oksana, she fell asleep.
I bet that I will finish more than her.
– said Olya – and added, let’s go to me.
She removed the handcuffs and went to her room.
We came, and said she wanted to do the same thing with her sister.
I began to lick Olkin’s pussy, but Olya was not about to give up, I licked her pussy and counted the number of her orgasms. Hidden camera sex videos kerala.

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