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And their loud music already hesitated.
“I don’t know who the fuck was there.”
I definitely do not.

I would remember such a sweet ass, said Masha, and she laughed at her primitive joke.
– Listen you.

You are with your music until the morning.
And the noise all day, I do not give peace to live – explained the situation Sergey.
– So what? – also haughty, asked Masha.
– And then.
In short.
Once again this will happen again, I personally will come and fuck your sweet ass! Do you understand me? – Sergey said harshly, and threateningly twirled his finger at the nose of his neighbor.
He didn’t mean anything like that.
And I was not going to do anything like that.
He just wanted to scare the neighbor who behaves very arrogantly.
He did not expect any further reaction from Masha.
She seemed really scared of him.
Opened the door.
She came closer to him.
– What are you.
You can pounce on a defenseless girl.
Offend the weaker sex? – asked Masha, carefully looking into the eyes of Sergei.
– I can put it mildly.
If this happens again at least once, I cannot vouch for myself – Sergey answered, trying to understand why she behaves so strangely.
– I just can not allow this.

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You see.
In this house, besides me, there are three more young girls.
We are shooting a TV program.
I help them find their love.
This is not important.
I, as the eldest friend, are responsible for them.
And I can’t allow anything to happen to them, ”said Masha, looking down.
Dressed Masha was in a night dressing gown.
Two points stuck out through the thin fabric in the nipple area.
It can be seen from the cold her sensitive nipples hardened.
This little detail did not escape Sergei.
Masha noticed this too, and it was clear that this circumstance did not bother her at all.
– So behave yourself! Nahuya so loudly listen to music until the morning – Sergey answered, not understanding why he knew about her neighbors, and all the rest of the crap.
Hotel room sex hidden camera.

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