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A few minutes later Nastya stiffened, shook and went limp.
Angelina stopped moving and pulled the dildo out of Nastya.
Olga leaned over and began to lick the moisture with a dildo.

She then wrapped the whole head, then licked the trunk.
– Well done, honey.
Nastya liked it.
We take this suit and toy.
Angelina nodded and began to take it off her.
“I will ask you to bring a new one,” said Angelina.
– Not.
We take this one.
I want to smell your body when I fuck Nasten.
– Olga stopped her.
– Good.
– Angelina agreed to continue to undress.
– And tonight we are waiting for you at home.
– Olga said, and leaning added in his ear – And do not even think about jerking off! Be patient until the evening.
There and have fun.
You will not regret.
Angelina nodded and began to dress.
Olga Sergeevna began to dress.
Nastya continued to stand in a knee-bowed position, moving away from orgasm.
– Honey, what are you frozen? – gently stroking her ass Nastya, Olga said in her ear.
Nastya sat on the sofa and pulled up her dress.
Angelina was freed from the dress and gently folded it in the box.
Dressed, put herself in order in front of the mirror.
– Girls.
– Angelina called sellers, – Pack everything in bags and take them to the car.
– asked the woman.
Sellers quickly all packed in branded bags.
Nastya went to the car, the sellers moved with the packages after her.
Olga sat on the couch.
– Honey, sit down, – Olga Angelina asked.
– For the linen you give me, as usual, the bill.
– Well, Olga Sergeyevna.
“And take some outfit for the evening yourself.”
Arrange an orgy.
– Sorry, how many guests will there be? – Angelina asked.
– Little. Lesbian doctor hidden cam.

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