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It was a territory in the corner of the hall, occupied by brightly colored labyrinths, slides and ladders.
There were few children on the playground – two or three toddlers under the supervision of young mothers sitting nearby on the benches.
These lined up benches actually separated the site from the shopping center hall.

We moved closer and Ksyusha pulled me out of the stroller.
Looking around, the girl decided to put me in a dry pool filled with colorful balls.
At first, I didn’t know what to do there, but then I gradually got carried away with playing with other kids, realizing with surprise that it was really interesting for me.
So you are his nanny? – I heard a nearby woman’s unfamiliar voice, – Nothing, Ksyusha, that I am on “you”? I’m probably just a couple of years older.
I, too, felt somehow embarrassed to call you on “you,” Ksyusha, with a smile, confessed to a pretty young woman sitting next to her.
I listened to the conversation of adults.
Which is yours, Larissa? – Ksyusha asked the woman.
That one, with a thick diaper under the pantyhose, – showed Larissa with a hand at a two-year-old boy who was fidgeting in the dry pool, – And yours, I look, without a diaper.
How old is he? One and a half, – answered Ksyusha.
And what, no longer wets pants? – Larissa was surprised.
“I try to make sure that the child goes to the pot in time,” Ksyusha answered evasively. “Although wet pants also happen from time to time with us.
And my pot has a big problem, – Larissa sighed, – Refuses it and that’s it.
If only he would write to his pants.
Do you know what Serezha gave yesterday? Launched a fountain in the children’s clinic.
Right in the doctor’s office when she laid him on the changing table and began to feel between

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the legs.
Ksyusha loudly burst out laughing.
A month ago, I decided to wean Seryozhu from diapers, – continued Larissa, – So what do you think! Mochil all week pantyhose.

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And when he managed to put a bunch there three times a day, I just gave up.
I can not imagine how to teach him to ask for a pot.
You know what to do, – a young mother with a stroller sitting on another bench joined the conversation. – Replace disposable diapers with gauze.
Your boy in pampers is dry and comfortable, but you need to feel that he is wet.
And do not change immediately, as described.
Hold for ten minutes wet, even if it will roar.
That’s right, ”Ksyusha agreed,“ Let her be like wet. ”
To know that it beats with those who do not ask for a pot.
And if you crap one’s pants, mix a bunch of pants in his pants, ”the woman continued,“ By the way, do you know how I disaccustomed my elder to bootlegger? ” Planted directly with a bunch in his pants on his tricycle.
And forced to do a couple of laps around the room.
Larisa and Ksyusha laughed together.
After a couple of such races, he immediately began asking me for a pot, ”the woman added,“ And in a small, and in a big way.
I’ll have to buy my bike too, – Larissa smiled.
Having lost interest in talking to adults, I began to play with colored balls.
Gradually, I got so carried away that I lost track of time.
We’ll probably go, ”I suddenly heard Ksyushin’s voice in my ear and the next moment I felt strong adult hands pulling me out of a dry pool.
Dry, – smiled Ksyusha, mechanically feeling me between my legs.
Young mothers around smiled knowingly, making me blush with embarrassment.
Ksyusha? – I heard an unfamiliar voice and looking up, I noticed a girl of Ksyushin age coming towards us.
But in spite of her young age, she rolled a pram in front of her.
Vika? – Ksyusha was surprised, – I really didn’t expect to meet here.
I myself was surprised when I saw you at this playground, – Vika smiled, – And I didn’t know anything about your baby.
How old is he? One and a half? Aha, – Ksyusha nodded, – Only this is not my child.
I earn money as a nanny while at the institute.
What did you enter? – asked Vick.
In pedagogical, – answered Ksyusha.
And I’m in medical, – said Vick, – Truth had to take an academician six months ago.
That’s the reason – in the wheelchair lies.
Ksyusha looked into Vika’s pram and smiled.
Did you mean the decree? – she corrected Vika.
There is no decree at the institutes, – Vika explained, – There are academic leave to care for a child.
Although what’s the difference, as they say.
Vika and I studied in the same class, ”Ksyusha explained to those around her.
From the seventh to the eleventh grade, ”Vika added,“ And after school everyone disappeared somewhere.
How much has passed? Two years? Almost two years, – Ksyusha sighed.
Forced to stand and listen to Ksyusha’s carefree chatter with her former classmate, I slowly became angry, because I had long wanted to go big. Live anal sex.

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