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In a voice sob, I climb with my feet on the bed, through the snot retell the content of the nightmare.
He gently sits next, comfortingly embraces me.
We both freeze.

I like a current doused.
Instantly my nightmare lets go and I switch my interest to the awesome body, from which a couple of centimeters separate me from now.
I must say that my body is nothing, so obviously the same thought comes to him.
Without remembering anything, without thinking about anything, I turn and press my breast against it.
He turns to stone, then gently pushes me away, moves away to the other end of the room and tensely reveals that, damn, this is not good.
I feel like shit, hangs a short pause, after which he concludes: “.
it’s not good, but I want you wildly.
I have been thinking about this for a long time, regretting that you do not have a twin sister. ”
He turns to me and looks pleadingly: “Please, let’s do it once, and it will remain only here and between us.”
I nod.
The next moment we are already breathing mouth to mouth.
He is putting off his clothes.
We lie half-turned, he puts my hand on his dick, at the same time with his crazy long, graceful fingers begins to stroke my hot, pussy-pussy.
I spit in my palm, masturbate him and wriggle my hips, whining with pleasure.
“Slut”, – he growls, inserting a finger into me, then inserts his same into my anus, then gives me to lick it.
– Say what you want? – So you fucked me! – I moan.
– Where is your place? After a few suggestive slaps, I guess that on his penis.
He puts on a rubber band, puts me on cancer, forcing me to bend my back, and enters me.
He starts to beat about me, slapping ass and pinching nipples.

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I scream with pleasure, not thinking about my neighbors – about anything.
I am madly moving towards him like a bitch, unless I have stuck out my tongue.
He turns me over, lies on top, slows down the pace, soft lips suck mine.

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does not do anything special, but we have such a hitch that I fight in ecstasy, we accelerate again and frantically shake, knock about each other, moaning in unison.
I finish, in ten seconds he ends.
We continue to love each other for the rest of the night with breaks to cool down and warm up again.
I swing on him – he drives me over.
He jerks me in the kitchen and in the bathroom, fucks me in the mouth and cums on my chest.
He enters into me from behind, pressing me against the icy glass of the balcony.
He asks me to rub pussy on the pillow, and I finish riding on it, wriggling and squeezing my breasts, right after which he frantically pulls at me, throwing my legs over my shoulders.
Just like in the movies, which I have never seen.
We fall asleep in our arms, weaving like animals.
I wake up when he is already dressed, collected, restrainedly friendly and politely removed.
We leave the house together, throws up to the subway.
Seen after this five times.
She does not look at me, but once she still caught her eye from under her brows: her eyes were coals.
Maybe it is hate, and not something that is terrible to think about.
What I was most afraid of was contempt.
He is not.
Understands that his treason is not less.
I love my boyfriend.
I would never date Gosha.
But more and more often the picture flashes before our eyes: the three of us live and at night we passionately, sweetly, convulsively, exhaustingly love each other.
The previous dream, albeit under sad circumstances, has come true.
So – who knows?
– Finally, here she is, – Boris Davidenko, the head of the security service.
– Let’s call him.
-Already calling.
Lena dialed the phone number: – Hello, good afternoon, Boris Mikhailovich.
– Hello, who is this? – I don’t know if you remember me or not, I am Lena, Katina’s friend.
– Of course, Helen, how can I forget such a charming girl like you.
How is Ekaterina Alekseevna, she completely forgot the old man, does not call, I called her several times, but the phone doesn’t answer, maybe she changed the number.
– Katia is gone, we are looking for her, we can say that we have practically found it, but we will need your help. Live indian sex hd.

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