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Live nude girls 2014. After all, as you have noticed, I’m not even excited.
“The idea of ??quickly getting rid of the rapist took possession of my brain, so I could really try.”
And here in front of my nose I found myself a certain object, made of transparent balls, as if mounted on one another.
And if the first one was two centimeters in diameter, then the last one was all six.

– With the help of this toy, let’s call it a stimulant.
My heart sank into the abyss.
Just now I almost glowed with the happiness that I would be able to avoid rape, and there was such a bummer – I was still fucked.
And the rapist can have me this thing as long as he wants! In complete prostration, I did not even notice how a man came back.
It brought me back to reality that the cool plastic touched my petals.

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And I didn’t have time to get scared how a “stimulant” was sent to me.
My mouth opened, and I, instinctively trying to prevent a foreign object in myself, pulled the leash and thread on the nipples to pain.
However, this did not help much – the rapist was merciless and slowly but inexorably pushed the toy inside.
“Dry” was even less pleasant than a gloved finger.
I just felt like giving in to the ruthless pressure, my petals open before the first ball, then close after it, and then stretch a little more on the second.
Shivering, I licked my lips, trying to serve the violator as much as he could, pushing the stimulant into me.
But it turned out badly.
Apparently, therefore, the man stopped, and then began to mercilessly expand my hole, making circular and transverse movements.

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I could not say that I liked such a cruel and unceremonious appeal, but the body did not ask me, responding reluctantly tired, still far from excitement, but very pleasant.
Meanwhile, the man, having developed my unhappy pussy a little, suddenly pulled out a stimulant, and then thrust it under my nose.
– Victoria Igorevna, wet it with saliva, it will be easier for you.
I was afraid to object, to avoid re-slapping on the ass.
Besides, surely this damn thing is really easier to penetrate into me.
And I humiliated diligently began to lick the transparent.
balls, suck them, take them into your mouth and wet them thoroughly.
“Ufff, Victoria Igorevna,” said a distorted voice, “you are doing this temptingly, and I already want you to do the same with my flesh.”
I groaned inwardly – I didn’t have enough to be forced to suck on a dirty, stinky male member right now!

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