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Striking and lunging, he was in no hurry.
He could finish off Punnu almost immediately, after his mad onslaught weakened, but decided not to speed up the inevitable.

In the arena, killing effectively, spectacularly, he pleased and entertained the Quirites.
So why not please yourself now? Step by step, Elatius pressed the killer.
He wheezed, moaned, drenched in sweat, eagerly grabbed the cold air and coughed painfully at the same time.
Punna, still tried to repel the blows aimed at him, but it was clear to both opponents that if Samnite had wanted, none of them would have been reflected.
Finally, Punna was driven to the wall of an old abandoned house.
He could barely stand on his feet for fatigue, his hands clutching his sword trembling.
– Well, how much more? He growled.
– Finish the job.
“I will decide without you when to finish,” Elatius said coldly.
And with two quick strikes, right and left, pierced the Phoenician’s shoulders.
He screamed in pain and dropped his sword.
Again, a blow to the left – to the side flew off the ear.
Punna grabbed onto the bleeding wound, screaming shrilly.
Elatius cut off his other hand.

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– Spare! The Phoenician fell to his knees.
Samnit smiled.
“I will serve the local stray dogs if I divide you into parts.”
So it will be easier for them to eat you.
– Oh Gods! O merciful spirits! Kill me, and then chop as much as you want! – Yes, what is my interest to shred the dead? – laughed samnit.
The sword, describing a semicircle, cut the face of the Phoenician from the left side of the chin to the right cheekbone.
But shallow.
Then, the samnite slipped the gladius on the right ear and cut it off.
Punna began to cry.
A puddle spread rapidly under his knees – a mixture of blood and urine.
“I will send you to Charon without ears, eyes and tongue,” said Elatius.
– Open your mouth.
Or should I open your teeth with a sword? Here, on the shoulder of a gladiator, someone’s hand gently laid down.
He turned and saw Sylvia.
There were tears in her eyes, her face pale and sad, she looked with pity at the wounded, groaning Phoenician.
“No,” whispered the young Roman.
– Finish, already with him

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Show mercy.
Send him to the gods quickly and without torment.
Her look, touch, soft intonation of a gentle voice had an effect on Samnita in some incredible, magical way.
The cold rage, the thirst for murder and blood that eclipsed his mind, disappeared in an instant.
He was ready to swear by the spirits of mother earth that ask Silvia not to kill Punna, he would have heeded this request unquestioningly and without regret.
“Well, as you wish, madam,” Elathius said dully.
He turned back to Punna.
– Go.
The carrier is waiting for you.
A quick, short punch right in the heart cut short the life of the Phoenician. Live sex h.

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