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It will be later.
Now I will free you, and you will complete the last task.
“I unhook the handcuffs, handed her shirt and went into the room.

The specialist had finished with the wire and sat down to set up a laptop on the coffee table.
She entered the room.

As previously agreed, the shirt was unbuttoned.
She only held her so that her nipples were closed.
She sat in a chair at the side of the table.
The guy looked at her, and work with the computer is clearly slowed down.
I began to ask him different questions.
He answered me from time to time, casting a cautious glance at her.
She pretended that she was also interested in speed, limit, parameters and other technical garbage.
Finally the setup was over.
The technician took out the papers I had to sign.
I, running through the eyes of the text, asked for clarification of several points.
He completely switched to me, and I looked not at her point blank.
That was our signal.
She, behind him, turned slightly, as if listening, and bared her right breast.
Once again I read the text, pronouncing it out loud, asking the technician whether it was right or not.

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All this time she was sitting bare-chested.
Signed, saying: “Well, everything.”
This is a signal for her to refuel.
Went to hold appliances.
I said goodbye to him.
Closing the door, he returned to the room.
She sat in the chair and looked at me questioningly.
“Take off your clothes,” I threw to her.
She quickly took off her shirt and leggings.
Having brought handcuffs from the kitchen, I chained her naked in the middle of the room, for a special hook in the ceiling.
Taking the belt, I began to slap her on the ass, several times on the chest, between the legs.
Soon her ass was covered with pink stripes.
(We knew from experience that they would disappear in forty minutes).
– Did you like to sit in a chair with an alien peasant with a bare chest?
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