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The only thing that saddens my happiness is that we have to wait.
– Wait? I do not understand you, – she looked into his eyes, as if not believing his words.
“What does it mean to wait?” Why do we have to wait? “Why,” he smiled, “there is no priest here.”

We cannot legitimize our marriage.
We must return to the civilized world and then.
– Serge, – she first called him by name, – you again.
lie to me
Not! Listen to me.
Do not interrupt! I immediately realized that.
no ship will come.
Rather, he can come.
But when? What if it happens in forty years? And what – should I wait for my old age? What if we die here waiting for a miracle? I do not want! I can’t wait for something! – Yes, that’s it.
– he simply did not know what to answer to her argument, he didn’t assume that she was from the very beginning.
I understood everything about the island – but.
in that case, you will by law become.
my mistress, – he uttered this word in a hoarse voice.
“The main thing is who you yourself will consider me to be,” she finally became embarrassed and covered her burning face with her palms.
– Oh, Anna! – breathed Duval.
– If you.
if you agree to that, i.
I’m happy! For me you are a wife! I do not need different conventions! I used to obey my choice.
Love for you is my choice! However, will you regret it later? Perhaps your family will judge you, society will judge you? In their eyes you will be a fallen woman, besides having associated

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with a pirate.
“I have no relatives, you know that,” she looked up at him again.
– I am alone in the whole world.
And the only one I care about is you.
And the society.
I do not care.
– Tell me, are you making this choice only for the reason that I can be your support and protection? He asked, suddenly frowning.

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– Not.
– the girl whispered and suddenly, touching the palm of his face, looking into the sea eyes, firmly answered: – My dear, kind pirate, how could you still not understand that I love you too ?! From these her words, Duval caught his breath, he could not utter a word.
His gaze suddenly lost its former steel, gently and gently poured out of its dark blue eyes, enveloping the girl like a stream of a warm waterfall.
A happy smile transformed the harsh face of a pirate.
He pressed Anna to himself and began to cover her face with ardent kisses.
– Oh, Anna! – whispered Duvall, mad with joy.
– My love! How I wished for this from the very first minute when I saw you.
This is torture.
it was a real torture to be near you, to observe your dream, to see your wonderful face, to scatter curls on my pillow and not to dare touch you.
Suddenly, he saw tears in her eyes, draining them with his lips, anxiously asked: – Why are you crying? “I don’t know,” she smiled through tears, blushing.
Or was her face burning from his kisses? She herself could not understand her feelings.
She only knew that joy in half with shame captured her being.
Suddenly, the girl realized that she was completely naked in his arms, he pressed her to her naked chest too.
Rejecting embarrassment, she touched the fingers of his muscular shoulders, covered with scars.
His body was hot, and from this heat, heat flared in her, sweeping all of her in waves, from the tips of her fingers to the hiding place that hid between her legs.
Anna sighed and trembled.
Her breasts stiffened, two miniature “moons” goosebumped, and their tiny little tips twitched upward, swelled and hardened like pink pearls.
It turns out that the hands of Serge began to gently play with her, kneading and rolling her elastic treasures.
– How embarrassing it is.
probably, a far-flung thought flashed somewhere and immediately disappeared, defeated by an irresistible desire for him to continue this activity.
The girl relaxed, floating away on the waves of pleasure, finally giving her body to her beloved pirate for sweet tearing.
Suddenly his hot lips dropped on her chest, then he carefully, without hurting her, pushed two tips together and pulled the pearls into his mouth.
Anna groaned loudly, she suddenly wanted to pull closer to him.
Duval sat on the couch, holding the girl on his lap.
Her ass jerked and twisted, as if trying to squeeze between his legs.
Or did she not like his short linen trousers? However, the pirate was in no hurry, he continued to tease his captive. Live talk sexy girl.

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