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From all this and the thoughts that my man is near, the man who gave me an ocean of pleasure repulsed me well, that I, his woman gave herself to him and allowed me to do everything he wanted and let him finish with me, a wave of pleasure washed over me again.
A little after lying down we fell asleep. In the morning I woke to the fact that someone gently stroked me.
Having pulled one, Max looked at me: Who gave you such an ass – he said.

I smiled and kissed him.
After meeting with Sasha, 3 months passed.
After that incident, I completely changed my attitude towards life, it became clear to me that life is one and I need to enjoy it, and how can I enjoy it sitting in the wrong body.
I decided to become a girl and two months ago I started taking female hormones, partially changed my wardrobe, bought cosmetics.
I found another apartment, which, unlike the last one, did not give up for money, but in kind.
I found her for a month and a half on one of the dating sites, in which it was stated: “I rent an apartment to a boy-lover, handsome and clean, payment in kind” I wrote to him, and we agreed to meet.
After inspecting me outside, he asked to inspect from the inside and if he liked it, I would be moved in.
In the time after Sasha, I tried with six more guys, so I gained experience.
The owner’s name was Anatoly Semenovich, looking about 45 years old, a little taller than me, a small belly, blond hair, he has a good character. I continued to take off my jeans, driving my tongue lower and lower to the pubis.
Put the jeans down to my knees, clutched at my pink panties, I opened my mouth in surprise and groaned and then he stopped.
He: At first, the master should finish, and only then the slave stood up and ordered – do everything so that I am satisfied, otherwise I began to take off his tie, then his shirt and trousers.

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Reaching the pants, he took me firmly by the back of the head and pressed on the fabric.
– Suck, stony bitch I moaned and licked his swollen penis through an unstable obstacle, which, I think, could break from my tongue.
I felt a strong smell of fresh sperm on my underpants, it seems that today he was renting an apartment with someone.
Then he raised me, picked me up, grabbed hold of the women’s bread which had not yet formulated, and began to knead.
I felt his stuff stuck in my pubis.
He took me in his arms and carried him to the bedroom, where he laid down his pants on his back, I would move them away from the hole and began to fuck.
When I penetrated me at a great pace, I immediately screamed — Aah, yes, faster — my bar liked it.
He began to press the pace, and I flowed violently.
Anatoly Semenovich pulled a member out of me and ordered – go to the bath I went, he followed me.
When they reached the sink, he closed the door.
He: take off your clothes and slowly climbed. I slowly began to take off my clothes — I quickly increased my speed, then went to

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the bath, then he got divorced and got into the bath.
I was under him and began to get excited again, my cock grew in size.
“Open your mouth,” I heard from him.
Immediately I realized what he wants from me.
I didn’t know if I could drink urine, I didn’t try it, but everything happens for the first time, I accepted it.
A strong jet poured on me, he poured me all over and a lot fell into my mouth, I tried to drink everything, but it flowed.
When the owner stopped pissing, he ordered him to kneel, not closing his mouth to wait.
He hung his stick in front of me and began to masturbate, finished in a minute.
And again I sipped the sweet drink of life.
We showered and dressed together.
Anatoly Semenovich was going to leave warning that he would return in a couple of days.
He hugged me, kissed me on the lips, and pinched and slapped his bum with his hand, saying that he knew who I was and that I would look much nicer than a girl.
– mmm boobs that already grow.
Wow, he said and left.
So for the first time I paid the rent to the landlord.
Now he visits me from time to time (he warns before this, of course).
So I appeared in his personal prostitute.
During these days he visited me 8 times.
So I found free housing, in which I muted all my subsequent grooms, whom I met on a dating site.
– I.
– I.
– I.
From the hallway came the cheerful sound of a jingling glass container and the hubbub of voices. Milka bongacams.

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