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Saying something, he accidentally put his hand on my knee.
I was shocked like a current, a wave passed through my whole body.
I think I’m 26 and he’s 17 – so what will probably be how the energy generator works, he’s the son of my boss n what a difference he’s not saying.

I move my foot slightly in his direction.
The hand remains on my knee, then moves a little higher.
I do not react.
The palm moves further along my thigh and reaches the edge of the dress.
– Maxim, can you keep your mouth shut? – Of course, consider that I am a grave.
My God, what I am doing is a fog in my head, a fire in the crotch, and the hand of a 17-year-old boy has already touched my strings.
Practically from the very beginning of my sexual life, at the age of 15, I preferred only men older than myself, and here’s a 17-year-old boy, and even the son of my boss prefers me, despite the fact that the boss has systematically blown me through all the cracks , in all the positions convenient for him, stably once a week

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(for the first six months in a day I inserted).
Okay, so I’ll try a young boy, everything happens for the first time.
I got up and, coming out of the table, walked right up to Maxim, lifted the hem of the dress to the top and gathered it at the waist.
My very tanned thighs and white panties appeared in front of a teenager.
But then there was a stupor with a guy, he froze in front of me, staring at my crotch.
There was a silent pause.
In order not to feel embarrassed and not to hurt a teenager, I had to take the initiative in my own hands.
Maxim how do you like my new thing? And not at all expensive, maybe due to the fact that it is a fake? Please look at the strap that goes into the crotch seam is not sold.

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With these words, I put my hands on the guy’s shoulders and pressed a little.
Maxim awkwardly squatted down and timidly put his hands on my hips.
At this moment, I moved the thongs to one side with one hand, while lying at the same time – And yesterday I made myself such an intimate hairstyle.
How do you like her? (although in fact I am always shaved clean) and with my other hand I pressed a little on the back of the boy’s head.
My methodical approach gave its results.
Maxim fell down on my pussy and soon, without any pressure, tickled her with her tongue and threw her ass over her boss.
Having bent over like a cat, I pulled off my thongs that had fallen silently to the floor, and put one foot on the chair to facilitate access to my girl.
I confess to you – my dear readers for a long time I have not experienced such excitement.
And even more so, I didn’t assume that I would almost seduce a 16 year old boy.
Then everything was easier, Maxim diligently licked me, and as usual in such cases, I reached out to his long-smoking youthful member.
As soon as jeans fell off him and my lips closed in a tight little ring on his head, I felt the pulsing blows of semen in my mouth.
Yes, the boy overexcited.
Having swallowed a young seed, I went to the hall where I lay down on the sofa and spread my legs and asked me to lick more.
For 10 minutes, the boy was taking nectar from my excitement from the pussy, after which he began to attach himself to her with his strong peg.
I had to distract in order to get out of the bag gum.
After that, I was finally plunged into a young Maxim’s piston, which began to work hard.
The guy pressed me to the bed with all the weight and promptly drove his end into me.
I groaned sensually more “for furniture” rather than pleasure.
My pussy greeted the guest with a rainbow squish.
Maxim accelerated more and more as if vkolachivaya pile into me.
Soon he became tense and stopped filling the condom with another portion of sperm.
– How do you like sex with an adult woman? It was beautiful, I want to try your ass.
– No baby there, I will not let anyone (I lied) you better get dressed and then my father will probably look in here. No sign up cam sex.

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