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“Hmm, there’s some kind of oddity with these notes,” she muttered under her breath.
– The symbol is clearly the same that she loved to leave behind Aden, but here is the text itself.
She, after all, was very cruel and prudent, and here it is too elaborately written, almost verses.

Somehow not very like her.
They had to go around the capital of Validania, Inkor, and further along small villages to take a direct course to the Kingdom of three roses.
A couple of hours later, Silvia noticed a group of riders on the horizon.
– Lily, check who carries there! Liliana launched a magical wave, scanning the approaching squad.
– Five, no magicians.
Moving straight to us, – gave the verdict of Liliana.
“Let’s not panic ahead of time,” Flora said.
– Sylvie and Richie – hide in the wagon, and Liliana and I will stay outside and try to talk to them.

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“If you hear the phrase“ cool breeze, ”get ready for a fight,” added Liliana.
The appearance of the riders aroused even more suspicions: they had good weapons, expensive leather armor and excellent horses, but the faces were completely bandit.
Judging by their brazen smiles, the meeting with two beautiful girls clearly delighted them.
– Good morning, ladies! My name is Varkos, – the gang leader decided to introduce himself.
– How nice to see such charming faces in this dreary steppe! Varkos’s face was covered with a long stubble, his voice hoarse and unpleasant.
The others whimpered wildly, hearing such a polite greeting.
They felt their superiority and behaved completely relaxed: they clearly did not see the threats in the face of the two girls.
“We are looking for one very dangerous person, a criminal,” the leader continued, chattering at his subordinates.

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“Well, well – good luck with your search, Mr. Varkos,” answered Liliana.
“Hehe, you misunderstood me somewhat: we need to inspect your wagon.”
– Do you really think that we will hide someone there? – asked Flora, trying to give a voice more ingenuousness.
“Oh, but I don’t know that, so I check everyone,” Varkos grinned.
– Zach, Pete – get off your horses! “Oh, look, since this is the case,” said Liliana hopelessly.
– By the way, such a pleasant cool breeze is blowing today, don’t you think so? She and Flora got off the wagon, freeing the passage to Zak and Pete.
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