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Turn the key.
The crack of the castle.
The door opens.

Lighting me and the space in front of the threshold.
And in the aisle she stands.
The crazy course of time disappears instantly.
Time flowed measured.
I remember every detail.
A woman meets me.
In appearance, forty-five.
Long wavy brown hair just below the shoulders.
High, without a pair of centimeters of heels black shoes on his feet.
Face slightly elongated, lean.
Brown eyes.
Green shadows on the eyelids.
Plus framing black arrows.
Long eyelashes.
Full lips in red lipstick.
Blue dress in growth.
– Hello.
– I mumbled awkwardly in a dry voice.
– Hello.
– Diana said and smiled.
– Come on in.
– Itself departed to the side, passing me.
I noticed that from the hip of the dress go down cuts on both sides.
One can see slender legs in black stockings.
From what I saw, I did not immediately realize that I need to go.
– Do not be afraid.
I do not bite.
– Joked, but kindly Diana.
I deigned to defrost and entered.
I’m in the apartment.
Two corridors lead straight to the right.
We are in the hallway.
I unbutton my jacket, take off my hat.
Diana closed the door behind me and turned in my direction.
We are close to each other.
I stared at her insolently.
– I’m glad to see you.
– She said and immediately hugged me by the shoulders.
I am speechless.

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Such a warm, hearty welcome.
But she sees me for the first time.
I was not expecting.
– I am also glad.
– I gave a voice.
– You’re so beautiful.
– Statement of fact.
But I could not say.
I reveled in it.
– Thank.
I am pleased to.
– Pleased shine in her eyes.
– Right down the hall is a bath and toilet.
If you need to get ready.
I’ll wait for you in the hall.
You can not rush.
And left me.
Straight back.
The clatter of heels on the laminate.
Flickering stockings in the cuts of the dress.
Thigh movement.
I followed her until she disappeared around the corner of the room.
He hung up his jacket, took off his shoes.
And he went to

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the right.
Small kitchen and door to the right.
There I found a bath.
Tile on the walls.
Under the feet is a fleecy rug.
Two towels on hooks.
I, slowly, took off all my clothes.
I stand naked in front of the mirror.
Heart beats fast.
I breathe deeply.
I’m here.
I’m in the apartment.
She’s nearby.
Everything will work out.
Diana promised to help.
I see a guy of about twenty-five in front of me.
Tall, thin, long arms, short hair, thin lips, hairless chest, eyes deep set.
And in them a mixture of fear, hope, desire.
And he smiles – slyly, predatory.
Climbed into the bath.
Warm water
I wash myself thoroughly with soap.
Brushing my teeth with a brush.
Towel dry.
The water remains pleasantly evaporated from the skin, cooling the body.
I am burning inside with excitement and anticipation of further events.
I wait a little and put the clothes back on me.
I see pre-cooked slippers.
I go out into the corridor and head to the hall.
To Diana.
In the corner by the window is a bedside table with a TV.
Along the wall are two chairs and a small table in between.
Walls in peach-colored wallpaper.
The windows are covered with brown curtains.
There is a spacious sofa near the opposite wall.
Next to him is a small chest of drawers.
On the couch and placed Diana. Online hot sex video.

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