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Anya meekly swallowed every last drop and took my handsome man out of her mouth.
My body covered an incomparable blissful relaxation.
I even completely forgot about Lena.

Anya bowed her pretty face on my leg and looked at me kindly.
– Come to me, my girl – I whisper to her.
– Antosh we need to gather.
Come on then okay – she purrs.
Indeed, the time is already ten minutes to nine and her friends must come from minute to minute.
– I went to the bathroom – says Anya, hardly gets up from her numb knees and goes to the corridor.
– Okay.
With me due – throwing her in the trail.
The pleasure of the orgasm received began to evaporate, and I again became sad for Lena.
And then I woke up conscience, they say, after all I did not do it beautifully, using the girl like that, because she is completely indifferent to me.
I wanted to go home, punish, go to bed and forget about all this family.
I hastily wiped my dick, buttoned up my pants, and was about to leave, when suddenly a doorbell rang.
– Open, please! This girls came! – shouts from bath Anya.
I reluctantly lash into the hallway, on the move, coming up with an otmaz, how to get out of here quickly.
Gathering my courage, I open the door and freeze.
On the threshold is Elena.
Her red

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hair is carelessly disheveled, and her big brown eyes sparkle like bright stars in a clear sky.
She smiles with her disarming, childish smile and as if nothing had happened, she says: “Hi! “Hello,” I croaked.
She is wearing a black strict jacket, draped over her shoulders over a beige blouse, the upper buttons of which are vulgarly unbuttoned, exposing a black bra that squeezes the coveted bosom.

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– You did not wait for me? she says softly.
I can not squeeze out no words and just shake my head.
– Sorry Antosh, I could not before! – Yes, I do care – I’m still very angry with her.
– Will you let me in? – she smiles broadly and looks at me like an offended child.
I step aside, she takes a step forward, and, being sandwiched between me by the doorway, for a moment freezes.
It smells of sweet, depraved perfume and alcohol.
I want to kiss her and hurt her at the same time.
My heart pounding in my chest frantically surrenders to thuds in my temples.
Her eyes exude desire, and rich lips beg for a kiss.
– Oh, mom, is that you? And I thought these girls came for me! – brings us to reality Ankin voice.
– Hello, daughter! Are you leaving? – Lena slips past me into the hallway.
– Yes, we are going to the club with Antosha.
Lena looks at me questioningly.
I look to the floor.
– No, Anya will go alone, and I will go home – I say with difficulty.
– How, Antosh you will not go with me? – Annie give another time, okay.
I’m tired and I’ll go home.
– Okay.
As you wish, I went – Anya sniffs offendedly, shoving her shoes.
– Come on, even spend me! I look confused, then at Anya, then at her mother.
– Stay! – whispers Lena – Hey, stay Antosh! And already publicly adds:
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Near the audience you have left to pass the test of five girls.
Takes a test – Tatiana Ivanovna is a strict teacher who does not tolerate objections, although she herself, after graduate school, is 25 years old.
That she looks cool means to say nothing.
I think it’s enough to say that almost your entire course is in love with her.
And her assistant Olga Vladimirovna, or simply Olenka, is 21.
You enter the audience, but in fact, it is a viewing room.
There are two leather chairs, slightly at an angle to each other, Tatyana is sitting in one, Olenka is sitting in the other.
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