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Andrei’s index finger pushes the swimsuit barely off, slightly opening the edge of the bosom, slowly crawls under the fabric, and judging by Lenka’s look, THERE plunges.
They are sure that I admire the sea, and I’m from a peeking as if the current runs down my back.
Does my brother even understand that I’m peeping? We are separated by several meters, and I suddenly feel ashamed.

Helen barely audibly groans in response to the movements of his brother’s finger.
I feel, as it is poured, hardens from below, buried (fortunately) in the sand my lower male consciousness.
I force, driven by the flown shame, take away a look.
– turned away? – Andrew suddenly laughs at me

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He understood everything! – Well, in vain.
– Oh you!.
– the indignant exclamation of the girl is heard.
Lenka came to her senses, threw back Andrey’s hand and with anger smashes her brother with her palm on the back, Andrew continues to laugh at her trick, presses Lena to herself, and they both roll on the beach.
I feel the paint of conscience breaking through my tan across my face, my cock cringing, no clue, and I want to fall through the hot sand.
And even now I note how beautiful they are, brother and Lenka.
The girl leans on Andrei from above, showing me, watching their fuss, his round elastic ass and slender long legs.
Once again, in my mind I swear to myself that this is the best that a brother could choose.
Soon I note how they, lying embracing, passionately, completely embarrassed me, gently kiss on the lips.
A month later they have a wedding.
My mother and I will get a daughter in law, and Andrew – a wife.

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We spend the day on the beach, swimming and sunbathing, and there are almost no people around, despite the weekend.
Suddenly, the noise is heard, as if repeatedly intensified by a swarm of bees, and a flock of motorcycles drives into the beach.
One of the drivers drives up to us and throws back the glass of the helmet, showing a slippery, impudent smile.
And without an open helmet, we recognized him immediately.
Shah! It was one more subject.
The same age brother, the dude was spinning in all sorts of criminal get-togethers, was in circles with criminals and other dark elements, and now he has broken our rest with his retinue, a group of young guys.
Once he needed the same thing as Andrei, more precisely, the same MOST.
She abandoned his courtship until Andrei, who had returned from military service, appeared in her life.
Lena replied to her brother in return that the Shah could not help himself out, and he began to act more decisively.
Andrei did not make the answer wait, and the dispersed Shah was overturned on the asphalt near the city club, where, one evening, he and his brother tried to “wrestle with him about Lenka.”
He did not take into account the training of Andrew in the landing troops, nor the fact that he would not give his girlfriend to anyone.
Brother was a real man.
My example to follow.
– Hello, landing party! Helen, hello! – Shah replied with goodness.
– And to you, hello, Shah, – calmly, but abruptly, preparing for any alignment, rising from the sand, answered Andrei.
Lena did not say anything, turning her gaze to the horizon of the sea.
“Don’t be nervous, Andryukha,” said Shah merrily.
– I heard you got married got together? “Exactly,” my brother said coldly.
Shah, a man with a criminal name, will never be on the list of friends of his brother.
Andrew is a man with principles.
And even more so, he will not believe that an unsuccessful opponent can become his friend.
“Well, congratulations,” Shah announced, without removing his trademark smile from his face.
“Still have time to congratulate,” Andrei responded.
– A whole month before the wedding.
“Then it’s nice to rest,” said Shah and got off the motorcycle.
He was definitely not going to leave us.
Shah with the company undressed and began to swim nearby. Online sex chat group.

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