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She spread her legs, raised her hips, inviting – but he was in no hurry.
His trunk just touched the already damp pussy, rubbed her clit, forcing the girl to moan and sob from excitement.
She stretched out her hand and thin fingers wrapped around the tense trunk, directing it into the current womb, but Thor laughed softly and turned over, setting Aileen to herself.

She looked at him and leaned back slightly, spreading her legs wide.
He again took his tool in his hand and sent it to herself.
Thor admired how his cock stretched delicate pink lips, feeling as they embraced his trunk.
Now the girl has completely sank down, leaned back even more, leaning her hands on his knees and began to move.
Slow at first, then faster.
The man watched this picture with pleasure – the pretty face turned pink, she bit her lip and closed her eyes.
From each movement, the small breasts jumped slightly, swaying excitingly.
Eileen groaned and paused, not letting her orgasm seize power over her.
Thor pulled her to her and dug a kiss into the half-open mouth.
She moved again, now her hips did not go up and down, but in a spiral, delivering him unearthly pleasure.
He barely restrained himself from discharging ahead of time.
But then Eileen straightened up again, froze.
Thor realized what was about to happen, squeezed the girl’s hips tightly and drove the barrel into her bosom to the very groin.
Their orgasm merged, Eileen screamed, throwing her head back.
But her cry became quieter and quieter, and Thor realized that his hands were holding the melting haze of the ghost.

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He groaned, as if trying not to let her go – but he could no longer do anything.
From the darkness, there was only a quiet “Thank you.
And she disappeared.
And God was fast asleep.
In the morning he left the Hotel, without asking anything about the staff.
Now she remembered, but she didn’t care.
Sometimes she saw a mage who killed her and took away her hair, he was afraid of her.
But she didn’t care.
She waited.
She was waiting for her God.
The guests of this hotel room sometimes saw her – and even tried to ask questions, but she was silent.
She did not know that the gods – there are many cases.
And that they quickly forget about mortals.
And about the long dead virgins – they forget even faster.
Life changed on that beautiful spring evening when all the weather was electrified with love.
Birds are singing, grass is turning green, flowers and aromas are everywhere.
Nature is organized so that during this period everyone fucks.
And only man can go against nature.
But I digress.
Once again, having quarreled with my wife, I went outside.
Our family

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life with her began to crack.
And almost every evening began with recriminations and insults.
We both took a vacation, tried to save our marriage.
But it was a bad idea, if by working, we could somehow be distracted from swearing and scandals, then spending the holidays together was inevitable.
I already began to think about divorce.
The holiday was nearing its end, and our family life was also nearing its end.
Intending to get drunk in the company of my friends, I went to buy alcohol.
People! Help! – An ugly old woman sitting on the sidewalk pierced with a toothless mouth.
Small in stature, humpbacked, with a dried and wrinkled face, on which stood a hunchbacked nose with a wart and burning eyes.
She was dressed in some rags.
Remember the old movies Row, well, Soviet fairy tales, there is always a woman Yagu played Milyar.
This is an almost similar comparison.
The old woman inspired fear and horror to passing people, and everyone shied away from her. Online sex chat without sign up.

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