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Everything is good! – Nadia hung up.
Carefully she approached the man and sat on the edge of the couch.
Nadia looked at the prohibitively large cock with surprise.

She had never seen such an organ before.
Somewhere in the depths of her body, a warm wave of excitement was born.
Still, she planned today rough sex with Hippolytus, and therefore accepted an aphrodisiac, as well as, and a contraceptive.
But the circumstances were different.
Slim female palm hesitantly stretched to the member.
Long fingers stroked the trunk, and wrapped around it.
Nadya froze, feeling the living flesh.
(Erotic stories) The member responded almost instantly.
Nadia was pleased to note how the trunk was filled with force, and increased markedly in size.
– Wow! This is the size! – thought Nadia.
– Not that Hippolytus has! That will have less! Fuck! Hippolite again! Male dog Unexpectedly, Nadya leaned over and kissed the head of her penis.
Nothing terrible happened.
– And to hell with him, with Hippolyte and this bitch Tanya! I have a great guy here on the couch.
– casting aside doubts she threw off her clothes and began to suck.
And she knew how to suck, her lips and tongue worked hard, and her fingers rubbed her clit.
The man moaned, his hands suddenly clasped her head, and pressed to her groin.
– Yes baby! How nice! He moaned distinctly.
– Aaaa! His body jerked, and sperm flowed down her throat.
Nadya, choking on the flow of the seed, recoiled, and entangled in her legs, fell into the clothes of a man.
She cleared her throat.
– How many did he finish! – She was surprised by the huge amount of sperm.
Nadia picked up the passport.
– Lukashin Evgeny Mikhailovich! 3rd Street Builders, House 25, Apartment 12, Moscow! – she read, noting that there is no stamp on marriage.
Just dropped a plane ticket for today’s flight.
– Looks today flew! At that moment the telephone rang.
Rummaging, Nadia pulled out the phone, on the screen was a photo of a young pretty woman, brown-haired.

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The number was signed Galya! – Hello! – Nadia took the call.
– Hello! Who is it? – Is it Nadya! – What else Nadya! – screamed tube.
– Where is Zhenya? Where is this doggy dog? Mishkin’s wife told me everything! And you, probably, the prostitute! – What? How do you talk? – Nadia was outraged.
– I speak as I see fit! If he so wants to give some whore in his mouth, please! And let me no longer call! Hooters in the phone.
– Somehow the fucking shit happened! – thought Nadia, not noticing how Lukashin, opened his eyes, and looks at her in full.
– Girl! Who are you? Nadia screamed, and jumped up.
– I’m Nadia! – Why am I naked? And what are you doing in my apartment? Did we fuck that? “I don’t know why you’re naked, but this is my apartment.”
– Nadia was confused.
– And we did not fuck.
Lukashin noted with suspicion the whitish smudges on the beautiful face sitting opposite the naked blonde.
– But I have a feeling that something seems to be! – He said, and nodded at his fallen cock.
– And if there was nothing, then why are you naked? – Uh-uh.
– the girl hesitated and remembered that she also tried to hide behind naked.
– Why do you keep my phone? – again asked Lukashin.
– You called! I answered.
I think it was your girlfriend.
– Said Nadia stretching the phone.
– And she was very angry.
– What-oh! Called Galya! – Zhenya jumped up and grabbed the phone.
– Fuck! Fucked up! What are you saying to her? – Yes, I did not tell her anything! On the contrary, she said that she was told everything by the wife of some Bear.
And then she insulted me too.
Why are you talking to me like that? – Everything, I cranks! – Eugene wearily sat on the sofa.
– I’m sorry that I am.
Broke off.
– Explain what is happening! – You see, Nadia! My friends and I always go to the 31st.
Uh uh
How to express it.
Well, in general, in bor.
In the bath! That is the custom.
But this time I got very drunk.
– And because flew to Peter? – What is Peter? – Well, actually we are in St. Petersburg! – How? After all, Pavlik was supposed to fly, not me.
– I do not know any Pavlik! But the fact is that you flew.
And yet, it seems we have the same address, and it seems the keys to the locks are also the same.
– An interesting coincidence! – said Lukashin.
At that moment

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the bell rang in the apartment, and then the castle rang.
– Nadia! – Hippolyte appeared in the doorway.
– We need to talk! Nadia! – Hippolyte! – cried Nadia, remembering that he, too, has the key to her apartment.
– What the? – Hippolytus entered the room.
– Hello! – Zhenya greeted him politely.
– Good evening! – Hippolyte answered on the machine.
– What do you need? – asked Nadia.
– And I see you did not waste your time! – Hippolytus said scornfully.
– Also won a dog myself got.
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