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George saw the green light and habitually started the car on the road.
He was driving to work in a good mood, today is Wednesday, and this is not the busiest day of the week in the cabin.
Although who knows, maybe just that day there will be a complete dam, and he will sadly remember his dreams of an easy change.

The shift began at five in the evening.
The official end of the shift in fact was not at all.
No, in the work schedule posted on the wall of the cabin, where, of course, the opening hours and closing hours were indicated, however, George for the past two and a half months witnessed only three or four cabin closures on a schedule.
In other cases, the salon worked, what is called until the last client.
He was not particularly saddened, he specifically agreed to work during the second shift.
George, with irony, remembered how the Director of the salon, communicating with him for the first time, was delighted with this news :.
– Georgy, darling, you have no idea what gift they presented to me, said Petr Petrovich joyfully, – it is not easy to find those who want to work on the second shift. Orgasm on spy cam.

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