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Your hands were on

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my ass and you, when I fell, you pressed me closer to you, you wanted to get into me as deeply as possible.
I liked it when you did it, I had goose bumps, and feeling this, you did not stop, continuing to plant your penis deeper and deeper into me.
I whispered in your ear: “Yeah, still dear.

Go deeper. ”
You just fired up, having heard such words from me, you were madly excited when I spoke vulgarity.
The pleasure was indescribable, you also enjoyed the fact that we were only two of us, that we had passionate sex.
And you really liked it when I bite you by the earlobe, you pressed me even closer to me at that moment.
I remember you stopped me and said that you want to change the position.
You gently put me on your shirt, and started kissing me.
The neck, chest and kisses went down lower and lower.
Reaching the abdomen, you stopped and looked at me with an excitable look.
Gently, affectionately and as if teasing, you began to push my legs apart.
And I could not stand it and said: “Take me quickly.”
You liked this thought, since you were such an extra one, so that I myself would ask you.

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And you do not hesitate for a second more, abruptly entered me, planting your penis as deep as possible.
A loud moan broke from my lips, you liked it and you started kissing my neck so that my enjoyment would have no limits.
You were stepping up the pace, planting your penis into me more and more deeply, I could not hold back, and started scratching your back, you rolled your eyes again from pleasure.
You could not hold, you again wanted to change the position, while you said to me in your ear: “I want you from behind.”
This was your favorite posture, after the one where I was on top.
You firmly grabbed my hips and began to build up the pace, your hands tightly gripped my ass.
And having entered into the taste, you began to slap me on the pope, while asking: “Do you like it? Like?”.
I could not answer, and I think, in my moans you understood how much I liked.
I just asked you not to stop.
You did not think to do it.
You were insanely good, and liked to take me from behind.
Feeling power over my body, every now and then, slapped me on the pope.
How much time we spent in landing, I do not remember.
You, I think, too, did not follow the time.
You have been completely absorbed in me, our passionate and unsurpassed sex.
Then you planted me on top again, I moved up and down, you caressed my chest, bit my nipples.
And sometimes he said: “Honey, you are unsurpassed.”
What, I just blushed more, because you only knew what I was.
I always told you: “You were great.”
Because it was so.
You and I were completely consumed with each other.
Your hands now and then slid over my body, I kept biting your ear every now and then, bringing you even more pleasure. Pantyhose heaven girls nylon sex cam.

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