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Flo was indifferent what will happen next.
Now she wanted to die, from the inflicted pain, from unusual rudeness.
Akos gently ran his hand over Flo’s back, and lifted her in his arms.

Coming out to the tent, the centaur put the menadas on a high narrow bed, covered with skins.
In response to an uncomprehending glance, Flo Akos smiled and gently touched his lips to his snow-white chest.
Tar hair contrasted sharply with the white cover of Flo’s body.
Akos caressed her body, and it responded to his touch with increasing passion.
Flo felt like a fire spreading from the underbelly in all directions.
Akos with pleasure sucked Flo’s nipples, and she pressed his head to his chest, tangled her fingers in her hair and flexed with passion.
The centaur’s lips drooped lower, not missing a single centimeter of the priestess’s body, hands intertwining with Flo’s hands.
Lovers began to lose their sense of reality.
When Flo felt Akos’s tongue between her legs, she screamed and pulled her legs together, but Akos lifted her head and smiled encouragingly: We are not doing anything wrong.
The tongue slid between the genital lips, to the clitoris, which swelled and pulsed.
Finger Akos penetrated the vagina, and rested in the virgin barrier, but did not hurry.
Gentle tongue clit, centaur licked lubricant, which generously allocated vagina Flo.
A member of Akos turned stone, almost exploding from the strain, but the leader waited a moment.
Finally, Flo huddled on the bed, carried to the heights of enjoyment by the skillful movements of Akos, and the foggy eyes of the maenad met with the burning gaze of the centaur.

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Akos cautiously entered the cave, flowing with the fragrant juice of desire, and in one motion he tore a thin barrier.
Flo instead of passion felt pain, and tried to escape, but Akos kept her: Do not worry, there will be no more pain.
Slightly calmed down, Flo froze.
Very little time passed, and Akos made the first move.
Flo screamed, because besides the cry she couldn’t express her emotions.
Clenching Akos with slender legs, Flo raised herself on her elbows to better see her lover.
Running her finger across the chest of Akos, she studied with interest the body of the male, to which she had never had to touch.
Running along the centaur’s nipple, she heard his intermittent breathing.
Looking up, Flo saw Akos gritting his teeth and trying to hold back a moan.
This so excited Menad, that she threw her arms around Akos ‘neck and clung to his lips, then squeezed her legs harder, and Akos’ member penetrated her even deeper.
The centaur groaned hoarsely, firmly pressed the girl to himself and slapped her across the buttocks with a sweep.
Flo screamed in surprise and looked at Akos with fear, but then she calmed down – there was only passion.
Akos hit her again, and immediately drove into her penis.
The contrast of sensations caused a flurry of emotions, and every time the centaur entered the vagina, it became even hotter there.
Akos squeezed her buttocks, stroked her steep thighs, and with powerful shocks entered deeper and deeper.
Flo, groaning, threw back her head, and her delightful lover raised her and planted on his dick from above.
From new sensations dizzy, and in order not to fall, Flo clung to the shoulders of Akos, scratching her dark skin.
But that only made it stronger.
Sensing the approach of ecstasy, Akos left Flo, turned her with cancer and drove his gun to the very foundation of Flo’s pussy.
The girl, feeling the most powerful discharge of Akos, rapidly finished again.
They stood like this for quite a long time, along the legs of Flo flowed sperm mixed with blood and their own frictions.
And she liked it.
I don’t care that Akos seized her temple.
I do not care that raped a hundred novices.
The main thing is that she, Flo, belongs to Akos.
And he knows that.

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